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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Rebecca the dancing fool & Rochelle - our own Dr. Doolittle

L. and Insomniac - I answered you on the comment section.

We're busy today so this may be short. I spent most of the morning doing political stuff. A small group of us met with Representative Cardoza's Chief of Staff. Originally we intended to present him with a petition but he fooled us and co-sponsored the bill in question before we had the chance. What was intended as a 15 minute formal meeting turned into an hour just chatting about issues. We represented a solid voting bloc he didn't know he had. We can make a difference.

Rebecca and Rochelle's school is presenting a program tonight as a fund raiser for the hurricane victims. They've also collected cans and money. The school custodian is Native American and will put on an ethnic dance (and song?) display complete with hoop dance. I've seen him many times before - not bad.

Rebecca has been invited to participate and tells me she can do any kind of dance she likes and wear anything she wants. I'm trying to convince her a two piece bathing suit and the hootchy kootchy may not be what he had in mind. He obviously doesn't know Rebecca as well as I or he wouldn't be opening that particular door. I've been to a few too many school programs - nevertheless I'm going to this one. They'll be over far too soon.

Rochelle is still too shy for this event although she's getting better. She'll take part in school programs now as part of a group and even recited her own poem once but isn't ready for this. It's okay - she likes to applaud. The safety patrol is a big step for her. They're both involved in that. She's one of these super good kids - almost too good. I worry that she'll be a follower because her mission in life is to please everybody. Her heart is planted firmly on her sleeve. Her teachers and I quietly rejoice when she breaks a minor rule in class or squabbles with her sisters.

When she was around five, she came into the house very gently carrying a bee. We praised the pretty bee and suggested she carefully put it back in the yard. She wasn't stung. She has a tender, loving soul. She will, however, stand up for Rebecca anytime, shyness or not. The girls are a team when they're not fighting each other.

If I remember, I'll let you know what Rebecca wore on her big occasion.


L. said...

Wow -- naughty, nice, and (special) needs. The entire human spectrum in one sibling set!

Granny said...

Hi L.

Two special needs. Rochelle is slightly learning disabled but doing great. With a little individual attention and repetition, she absorbs learning like a sponge and when she has it, she has it forever.