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Friday, October 21, 2005

A Brand New Look - Part III

S'okay friend - here's the link again. I finally found out how to paste from my gmail copy. No matter what language you're speaking, there's a way to do it from that list.

Doesn't the blog look great? No more hidden words. I discovered it looks different to me than to others viewing it. How peculiar. Anonymous spent a good part of her morning working on it. Now we can all read every word of my deathless prose. Also, I learned what the "print screen" on my keyboard is for. Duh. It prints the screen. Unfortunately, when I was trying to send a picture of the blog, the first thing that turned up was my desktop. I didn't realize I had to be at the blog to send a picture of the blog. Poor anonymous is so patient with me. I sent her a smiley of someone pulling their hair out. Not me - her.

PFLAG is having a fun meeting tonight sort of. The last suggestion our friend Chris made was that we put on a movie night. He loved "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar". We're going to have popcorn and lemonade and just hang out together. No issues, no fund raising, just some fun. I love that movie and I'm taking Elcie. I think she'll enjoy it and it has a sweet message about love and acceptance underneath the outrageous costumes.

It's not going to be a wake but we're all still a little sad. He should have been there being goofy with the rest of us.

I was going to talk about Rebecca's school problems but I've had enough drama for one week. Maybe tomorrow after I've talked with her. Or later tonight if I can't sleep.

Got your note L. It was indeed a Kodak moment and I didn't have a Kodak. I think the expression on my face when I first saw my little angel/bloody mary would have been worth a snapshot as well.

Later everybody.


Darn Right I Complain said...

Rocrebelgranny; just noticed your comment of 10/11 on my blog. Thank you for your comment. I understand completely. There are times that I felt if I ever let go I would never regain control. With all that you have on your plate you are obviously a very strong woman, but even we strong women are not made of steel. Surprise, surprise! We are actually human, too!!!

Darn Right I Complain said...

P.S. If you would like to post on my blog and blow off steam in the anonymity of a stranger's blog, email me at and I'll give you my user name and password. After all, that blog is private from those who know me, but it does say "Whiners Unite" so others who need to vent sometimes are welcome to post.

Insomniac Diary said...

I love that movie too. Some of the characters remind me of ladies I used to know, and few others knew their actual gender. I tried the address on your post and kept getting a page "site not found". Went to earthlink to search, then to google, but got the same response. Maybe my computer error, I don't know. Your new blog face is GREAT!!I like it.