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Friday, October 21, 2005

Movie Night, etc.

I ended up taking all three girls after all. They had a wonderful time helping set everything up, teaching us how to make microwave popcorn, and generally hugging everybody and being right in the middle of the fun. They loved the movie even though I'm sure some of it was a little over their heads. We're thinking about Torch Song Trilogy for our next event unless someone comes up with something else.

I have a Rebecca asleep on my bed. She came in a little while ago, swore she wasn't the least bit sleepy, and next time I looked at her she was down for the count.

Insomniac, that link worked from here so I don't know what's happening. I just tried it again and it took me right to the site.

Tomorrow is the "dime carnival". It takes place in the alley behind our Civic Center and is sponsored by Parks and Recreation. All sorts of little games for a dime each with lots of prizes. The have face painting as well. They usually have a couple of bounce houses and food. Last year was fun for the girls so I may try to get them there for a little while tomorrow.

Rebecca - still haven't figured out what to do with that child. I received a second-hand report that she had been hitting smaller kids with her backpack on the playground and that she and her friend were hiding out in the girls' bathroom dancing. Not during class hours but I gather they were breaking a loitering rule or something. The school usually sends notes home - maybe they disappeared between the school and here. She will lose recess for a while, at the least. Why don't they call me? I know they're busy, but still I could have done something, at least about the backpack incidents. I was a little too tired to deal with it tonight other than mentioning it to her and saying we had to sit down and talk over the weekend. Sometimes waiting is better; I'm not so apt to overreact.

I don't know what to do to discipline a child who usually doesn't care if she's grounded. Every time I think we're back on track, it's something else. I can't be at the school to watch her. She clams up when I try to find out what's going on to cause the behavior. She can be so sweet and loving but she has a short fuse which gets her in trouble and she has problems following rules, especially when they don't make sense to her. She's easily frustrated as well.

Maybe it's time to get the counselors involved again. Next year is middle school for her and she won't be in an environment where they've known her for years. The camp is coming up soon and they have strict rules as well. Sometimes counselors help; sometimes they make things worse. I think I need a night's sleep and think about it tomorrow.

Enough already.

I now have a husband asleep in a rocker as well. It's midnight straight up. I may find an empty couch somewhere or just move her over. If I wake her up, she may not get back to sleep for a while. Nope, he just woke up again.

I think I'll shove the kid over and try to go to sleep. Problem solved. She woke up just enough to stagger into the bedroom and pile into Rochelle's bed (lower half of the bunk - Rochelle is passed out on living room couch). They had a busy day. It hasn't been that long since I could carry Rebecca to bed but no more. Maybe, if the house was on fire, adrenaline would kick in but she's around 65 pounds now and sleeping children are always heavier than their actual weight.

Now that I have a bed to crawl into, I think I'll do that.

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4AM Sleepwalker said...

Re: the address that won't work. I have an address that I've been accessing to keep track of all those frazzling little islands in the Carribean to monitor Jo's position on her cruise in relation to Wilma's outer bands. Projected, that is. Same exact address but now I'm accessing a United Kingdom page of adverts, complete with all prices in pounds. Go figure. Threatening to throw the computer out my 7th story window is useless. It ignores my hissy fits, completely unperturbed.