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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Computer downtime


My grandson and Tim both have computers. It it hadn't been fixed by today, I would have either gone over there or asked one of them to forge my name and put a brief message here.

My anonymous friend who helped set up the blog has my cell phone number (if she kept it after all this time). It's no secret but I didn't want to put it over the net, even here. She might notice I was missing after a while.

It was a scary feeling though. I wouldn't quite say I'm addicted but I've come to depend on my daily fix of BB, all your blogs, and here. I felt bereft late yesterday and this morning. Actually a daily fix does sound rather like an addiction now that I think of it. At least I'm not into porn sites and chat rooms. I could be doing much worse things.

Good news - I put all the laundry away and caught up filing and a few other things. Then I took a nap. Got up from nap to find Yahoo smiling at me and saying "you've got mail". Wow.

What's really odd is it's working much better now. I was having sticky key problems and thought possibly I had spilled something. Didn't know what was going on. Maybe you'll see fewer typos now.

Left a comment on your blog as well as on L. and Dutch and answered all my personal email. Also signed two petitions. Now I'm going back to BB.

Oh, my kind friend who sent me ¢ and ° sent me a link to the complete list. You'll be seeing cedillas and umlauts all over the place if I suddenly decide to break into Spanish or German (is an umlaut German? I think so). It now occupies a place of honor on my desktop. My little icons drive everyone except me nuts. I have them organized and I know exactly what they're for.

Elcie just left for her choir practice and R & R out front in their Halloween costumes. When I looked at Rochelle's closely, I discovered it already has wings of a sort so I may not have to mess with wire hangars after all. She thinks she's an angel and life is good, at least today.


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Angela said...

OH! You have the secret key to the umlauts? Please share. : )