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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Internet withdrawal

I've been without the internet for a day and a half. Thought it was me (I always do) but evidently not because I turned the machine one last time about an hour ago and everything was back. It happened once before with Comcast and I kept stitting down in the computer chair before I remembered nothing was there.

Short message - hi everybody who sent comments. I read them first. Kids going to costume party tonight at our local downtown Farmers' Market on Main St. It's to promote safe afterschool activities. Used to be held at our so called Mall but not anymore. Downtown is walking distance for us. I don't like Malls especially well anyhow and ours is really small and unfriendly.

More later - this is the time of day when I need to be available for kids but wanted to let anyone know who thought I was ignoring them that I really wasn't.

1 comment:

Gawdessness said...

Glad it wasn't your computer!!!
How would we know if it was though.
You have to have some kind of back up or signal in place.
Wondered where you were.
I don't like Malls particularly either. All hard surfaces, tinny music and stale air.