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Friday, October 14, 2005

Fund raising and the schools

I like bingo but I think the parochial schools and the Elks have saturated the market here. It may be against CA law for the schools as well. I've never seen it in a public school here. I'm sure it would cause a war between the people who believe gambling is evil and the ones who believe bingo is harmless. It's not harmless to many people so I'm torn. I'm no gambler; I can't keep up with more than four cards at once and that's pushing it. The charms of the casinos are totally lost one me. But when I used to go to bingo at a parochial school in the S. F. Castro district, I'd see people taking up almost a whole table with bingo cards. That's excessive. even possibly addictive, and probably not the message the public schools want to send.

I like school carnivals as fund raisers or bake sales (now illegal). I'm fine with the roller skating once a month. I'll go along with anything that brings parents and kids together as a group and makes money at the same time. It's the high pressure sales stuff that bothers me. I've talked to the PTC about it and gotten nowhere.

Most of the teachers over the years have told me to leave whatever the kids don't understand and just write a note on the homework. They've also set time limits. This is different. I have only Rebecca's side of the story, which may be self-serving, but I'm disturbed that he won't read notes from parents, that no one checks the work, that he didn't call when she first started skipping homework.

Anyhow, we both have the weekend to recover. Hi clutterbug, hi Nicole, hi Gawdnessness.

Carol has doctor appt. this morning (every Friday for blood tests) so I'm out of here.

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L. said...

Our school sports program just had a "buy wrapping paper, candles and knick-knacks from a catalogue" campaign, but they said families could opt out by writing a check for $50 to the school. I did this -- it was kind of a lot, but 100% of went straight to the school, and I didn`t get stuck with anymore junk.