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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Howling, if scary success

Girls just came in exhausted but happy. They were slimed and singled out for attention by some of the cast. It ran real late and I think they left before it was over. We wiped off most of the makeup. Rebecca can't get the "washable" black coloring out of her hair. I'll try in the morning - no big deal either way. They're already in bed.

Here's a shorter link for the pastry blender. I forgot about my handy tinylink gadget.

They'll tell me more in the morning. If there's anything to report, I'll let you know. Tomorrow "trunk or treat", Tuesday small birthday party, and then I can relax until Thanksgiving. Too much stuff, too close together. Our stores have begun Christmas promotions already. It's too soon - I get tired of it and I like Christmas. It's just the commercialism and spend, spend, spend, that offends me.


ipodmomma said...

Hi Granny! yeah, Spencer is a pretty handy kid...

love your blog... been trying to squeeze time in all day to read more... your family has some in common with mine... funny how that goes...

will keep trying to read more... can I put your blog on my read list?



Gawdessness said...

Looking forward to the next reports.
Glad the kids had a great time.
Should get ready to take mine to her first ever yoga class...let you know how that goes!