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Monday, October 24, 2005

No more pictures at least for now

Angel - you're catching up with me like I was with you. I've subscribed to something called bloglines which, once I enter a URL, pops up nicely and tells me when someone has said something.

I have a video copy of Don Giovanni with Samuel Ramey who, as far as I'm concerned, is the only Don Giovanni. Others have the voice but he has the looks and the swagger. If I had to pick a favorite Mozart, it would be Marriage of Figaro. For Puccini, Turandot (or maybe Tosca - I'm torn).

Insomniac - It's been a while but I'm sure the two instruments were played separately. As I said, he was eccentric (and a bit of a showoff as well). Forgot to mention he was also an inventor of sorts although I can't remember what he invented. His home was an organized clutter of everything imaginable. He died not long after I left home at 17. He didn't have kids; just a stepdaughter who may have inherited. If I had still been around there I might have ended up with at least my guitar and violin. Possibly one of the small museums around there has them (or did) if the stepdaughter didn't want them. He was something of a local celebrity, rather vain, and I'm sure he had made provisions for them. I just don't know what they were. If I can remember, I'll ask my brother. He stayed in much closer touch than I. Matter of fact, he never went further than 80 miles away.

If you decide to start scanning, you might check out Google Picasa 2. I'm a total dork on the computer so if I can get photos on here with it, anybody can.

You click on the picture, click a button at the bottom of the screen that says "blog this" and it automatically sends the picture and opens the blog ready for posting.

Angel - I don't know why they're making math so hard. Tonight, Rebecca was multiplying numbers like this 2,687,073 X 7 = and then estimating to check her results. An estimate using 3,000,000 X 7 would be 21,000,000 - not even close to the 15,000,000 + answer. I learned how to check multiplication by dividing it back but what do I know. The saddest part is she still hasn't learned the times tables.

I think you finally caught up with the posts.

I deliberated for quite a while before adding that relatively recent picture of me. Nothing to do with anonymity but as L. just said, "you really are a granny". Yep, I sure am. I'm also, on the inside, still that girl in the other photo defying the world. I was the despair of my parents for some time.

Rochelle got in trouble at school for the first time ever (which may have saved her). She and another child were throwing rocks from the playground into the street just as a car was passing. Nothing hit the car but it could have. They were both busted. Her teacher called me and said it could have been a suspension but they considered her perfect (up until then) record and decided there was no malice involved - just lousy judgment or youthful spirits. She came straight home and told me without being asked. Didn't know why she threw the rock; just that they thought it would be fun to throw a rock and didn't see the car coming. I believe her. She lost her recesses for a week and has to pick up trash and clean tables in the cafeteria. I told her teacher that the recess part made sense but it wasn't a punishment for Rochelle to be a helper. It's usually what she lives for. "Oh boy, I'm being rewarded. I get to clean the tables and help save Mother Earth by recycling". We agreed I wouldn't add further punishment. I had a long talk with her and, on her own, she wrote a letter of apology to her teacher. That's the Rochelle I know and love.

Her teacher also said that when the office first called her, she thought they had the two sisters confused and were talking about Rebecca. I said when I first heard her voice on the phone, I couldn't figure out why Rochelle's teacher was calling to tell me about something Rebecca had done. Poor Rebecca - talk about a rush to judgment! She came home with a little smirk on her face - for once she was innocent - of that transgression at least.

I have a knitting story to share, especially with Gawdessness, but I'm going to get the remainder of the laundry out of the dryer and then maybe get back to this.

"Nightline" coming up now, Angel - they're focusing on Wilma. I heard today they're beginning the alphabet again. There doesn't seem to be an end. I'm so glad you and my Houston commenter both made it through safely. One of our former pastors had moved to Mississippi and was there for Katrina. She's fine as is her family but her description of the devestation was almost beyond belief. She's a part of the task force working very hard on cleanup and rebuilding. A long, difficult process.


Gawdessness said...

Glad you put your pictures out there for us.
I loved both of them. Funny thing - because of my own amazing and wonderful grandmother - I have always thought that gray hair was beautiful. Really I can't imagine anyone who was more beautiful than she was.

An adventure for Rochelle! It made me think of very similar things happening to me when I was a kid. So did Rebecca coming home with a self satisfied smirk!

If you find out more about what happened to Uncle Jim's things, I'd love to hear about it.

Angel said...

Ahhh but see, helping to do something productive is good discipline, redirecting those energies towards something positive ;)

I'm glad they looked at the whole picture and disciplined her accordingly. Down here we have "zero tolerance" which sometimes translates as "zero brains" when discipline is concerned.