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Monday, October 24, 2005

O.K. so it's a few years ago - maybe 7?

This was taken the day Tim and I "officially" joined the United Methodist Church of Merced. I guess you can figure out who the scowling little people are. Elcie's almost smiling; Rochelle and Rebecca just wanted to go eat and the sun was in their eyes. They had stood up front with us without any idea why they were there.

Tim's natural hair color is almost the same as mine although my blonde has gradually become white.

For some reason he was going through a redheaded (complete with mustache) phase. His brother's a true redhead.

I don't look a lot different now except that may have been one of the few occasions I actually wore a skirt in this town. Once I retired, my skirts and dresses retired as well. If you look closely, maybe you can see the hands on hips don't "mess with me" girl I once was (and still am deep down inside).

Usually I'm the one with the camera. I hate being photographed worse than almost anything I can think of.

Anonymous friend - if you can figure out how to crop that picture to just a face, maybe it would work for my picture on the blog. It's the best (read only) recent one I have.

I'll get back to posting in a few minutes but wanted to get these on. I'm hoping for some Halloween shots of the girls. I bought a disposable today - the problem isn't taking the pictures; it's getting them to Walgreen's and back here. Posted by Picasa


L. said...

Wow, you really ARE a granny! I guess I never tried to picture you before, so it`s funny to see that you actually have a face!

Angel said...

Awww :*) What a beautiful family you are!!

Gawdessness said...

You look a lot like I sort of pictured in my head. I think it would make a good profile picture for you.
The girls look so little and of course darn cute.
I have been fighting my natural inclination to avoid having pictures taken of me.
That is because after my mil died, I discovered that she had successfully not been photographed in years and we had 2 snapshots of her to show our kids. That's it.
2. It was hard for my husband too.

I'm terrible for having film developed. I have rolls that are over five years old sitting in a bowl here!