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Sunday, October 23, 2005

On my way back out door with kids

Bell ringers performed admirably on "Jesus Loves me". Elcie played the big alto bell and R & R each had their own note of the melody. All dressed somewhat appropriately except for a little too much lipstick which I missed until they were up there for all to see.

Roger - Boheme and Carmen are both fun. Maybe the other was "Andrea Chernier"? It has a party scene at the beginning (right before the French Revolution where most of the partygoers meet a dreadful end). The scene ends with the servants revolting - next the guillotine.

Church having pizza lunch at noon (immediately following second service) and then a showing of a video about forced child labor (mostly abroad, I think although I'm sure some goes on here in spite of laws). I bribed the girls with the pizza because I want them to see it. They're not too young to learn compassion and service to others. I ran home long enough to drop Ray (3 hours straight would be too much on him) and give us a short break. Now, girls and I are headed back.

I googled a johnnycake recipe. It's about what I remember making. They say sifting is optional - not so unless they're making a "finer" corn meal these days. If you don't sift, the corn meal stays grainy and you end up with corn bread instead of johnnycake (which is sweeter and lighter).

I'm back and about to crash for a little while. The video was very well done and even presented a couple of solutions. Covered problems here as well as abroad.

Rebecca has homework from Friday to finish but I can't keep my eyes open. I think this really is a cold. Usually it waits until T'giving weekend and hangs around through Christmas.

World Series on t.v. - I may nap through part of it.

I like "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" possibly because I'm such an ABBA fan. It was already on our list. I don't know the other one but I looked it up on and sent the link to the group. It looks good from what I read of the reviews.

Gawdessness - afterthought. If you find an opera video (or any other dvd) you like well enough to buy, has some very good deals on the used ones. I've never gotten a dud. Probably Ebay does as well - I haven't checked.

You'll be seeing more pictures now that I've discovered Picasa. It's so easy. I just have to get them from album to scanner to here. Another challenge.



Gawdessness said...

on our way out the door to bowling than to the park for the afternoon - a busy but nice monday - I get to sit and gather my thoughts and perhaps knit for a good chunk of it.
Check in here later.
Thanks for the kind words, cliches or not.
No rocks from me.
The world looks better in the morning and after the slogging through.

Insomniac Diary said...

Love the photos. Can't wait for my brats to get over here and set up the printer/scanner so I can add pics to one or two of my blogs. One of mt great-uncles hand made violins. My brother has one of them, his heritage.

Angel said...

I hope your cold is better soon!

Angel said...
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