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Monday, October 24, 2005

Uncle Jim as I Remember Him

I knew this photo was somewhere in my collection. The writing on the back says born 1856? My brother, the math whiz, (seriously) was trying to back into his age. Birth records were sketchy back then. That might be correct but that would have made him in his 90's in the 50's. Possibly, but I think that birth date might be off by a few years. This is how I remember him in any event. The guitar hanging on the wall (far left) was mine and probably so was the fiddle resting on the table beneath. He built the cello as well. That picture appeared in our local newspaper; I can't remember why. Not an obit, that I'd remember.

I bet there was music playing somewhere and he was swinging his foot in time. He was always swinging that foot or tapping a toe even when just listening.

I've dug up a couple of other snaps if I can get them on here. Not of my uncle, these are the two classics. Some other stuff. I'll be back. Posted by Picasa


Gawdessness said...

What a great shot, especially after getting to see the earlier one of him. I like the tonal quality of the shades of black and white inthe picture.

ancient one said...

I loved seeing the picture of your uncle with the musical instruments.