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Monday, October 17, 2005

Refrigerator inventory

Roger - your comments are appearing on my gmail but not here. Do you know which posts you commented on? I sent you an email because I couldn't access the links in your comments on gmail. You should have it unless there's a conspiracy and it disappeared as well. I'm believing more and more in conspiracies these days.

The "refrigerator" appeared on She may have borrowed it from someone else; that's usually how these things get started. I know you know her from Blogging Baby and she, L., and I follow each other around the blogs; usually philosophically on the same page. I've found some soulmates. L has her own blog now too - The link's in my post entitled Blog Surgery. Everytime I try to type out the name, I make another mistake. Someday I'll figure out how to add more names to my blogroll. My friend who set up the blog did the list I have and you notice whose name leads it.

L. and I are both stay at homes and we sandwich in the posting. There are probably more useful things I could be doing but this is fun - at least some of the time.

Opera - I remembered from either your journal or somewhere that you are an opera buff. What performances at the S. F. Opera? I'm no expert; I'm familiar with a lot of opera and have a fair video and dvd collection but I couldn'tusually tell you from a recording exactly who the performers are. An expert could and also dissect each individual performance. That would spoil it for me; I'm entranced by it all; the costumes, settings, arias and even the dumb plots and corny English supertitles. I sit there spellbound by the whole thing. I don't want them modernized and I don't want them in English (although the supertitles save me). I've seen only one mediocre performance in S. F. I thought it was me until I read the Chronicle the next day. The soprano sang sharp throughout. For me, even mediocre was okay but the soprano got a little jarring after a while and it's one of the longer operas. A few years later PBS ran the same opera (La Forza del Destino with Leontyne Price) from the Met. No comparison. San Francisco just had a bad night. I'm with your dad - Verdi's fun; especially what I call his oom-pah-pah stuff. I don't like the modern things so well (except for Puccini of course). I'm pretty square and I like traditional harmony and melody. I'm sure the critics would think I'm a philistine, a dilettante, and a rank amateur. They'd be right but I don't care.

More later. If you can figure out what's happening with your comments, let me know. Even the latest one (about opera) hasn't turned up here. Very odd.

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L. said...

Opera... when I was in high school, I saw a performance of Aida with REAL ELPHANTS AND CAMELS. Now whenever I hear the songs, I remember that... it was very cool.

The hardest part of growing up in a household that didn`t listen to classical music is trying to buy it at music stores, and not knowing what to ask for, or where to look. I remember going into one when I was a teenager and asking for the "Theme to Agronsky and Company," and humming it for the bewildered store clerk.....