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Monday, October 17, 2005


I waved my magic wand before I went to bed and Elcie woke up to "skeletons on honeymoon" when she turned on the computer. One was wearing a top hat and carrying a suitcase; the lady skeleton was wearing a wedding dress. Her word - "gross". Not as gross as the Barbie angel, Elcie. Gotcha.

Kids out door and I'm surveying the wreckage of the weekend. It's not too bad; they've become much better with dirty dishes and half eaten bags of popcorn. They do, however, still leave jackets and shoes where they fall and I'm apt to find a roller skate and helmet anywhere.

Carol has an all day chemo session. I'll drop her and then Ray and I will smog the car and pick up a couple of mid-month grocery items. My cat's on the last of the 20 lb sack of cat food and has told me about it several times this morning. Usually it makes the month, but we've had some extra moochers around.

7 meme. I noticed one of the questions refers to "opposite" sex. You may make a substitution if you wish in the event I have any readers from the GLBT community. I know I'll probably hear about it from myyounger son.


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L. said...

Your new photos are lovely! I think Rochelle is thinking, "I MUST remember to smile...."