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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Toilet paper over or under?

Angela says over - the guys put it on the back of the tank. (with the empty roll still on the spool, Angela. Welcome.


Gawdessness said...

I, militantly decided, about 6 years ago that I was done changing the toilet paper on the roll. I just hit my limit for stuff around the house that I was going to get riled up over.

Actually I thought about it then, but I have only really gotten vehement about it recently. My husband loves the double rolls and they do not roll smoothly, they stick and I end up with little shreds of tp.

I hate that.
So now, the rolls go on the toilet, on the counter, on the tub ledge - anywhere but on the dispenser - if it is me who is responsible at the time.

L. said...

I was raised to believe it goes under, but rejected those values and became a convert to overhood.