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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Trunk or Treat

Gawdessness and others:

Thanks for the angel wings hint. Rochelle may still do the work - I kill anything I touch.

The Latter Day Saints (Mormons) here have established a H'ween custom called Trunk or Treat. We all drive out to their large parking lot, trunks facing out, and the kids go around the cars gathering candy. Some people go all out with decorating their cars; one guy handed out candy from a coffin in his trunk last year. The kids all dress up. Depending on the committee of the year, they've had homemade root beer or cider (no soda) homemade cookies, muffins, or nothing extra. Sometimes they've had organized games afterwards. There's always a costume parade with the little kids. They used to have a contest but I think someone wisely decided it would be a downer for all the little ones who were so pretty and still didn't win. Save the contests for another time and just have fun. Life doesn't always have to be competitive and on this one occasion, no one has to worry about keeping up with the Joneses.

Obviously I can't write two words without getting politically sidetracked.

Other churches here have picked it up as well. One has trunk or treat followed by a dance for the older kids. Some others just throw a party. And then there are the churches who ban Halloween entirely. It's Satanic. Different strokes. The Mormons had a dance one or two years but not lately. Like I said, it depends on who's in charge and how much they want to do I think.

I heard from a former Mormon friend (former Mormon, not former friend, sorry friend) that she grew up with this custom so it's probably around all over the U. S. . I don't know about Canada - do they do as much of this as we do?

I'm applauding the whole thing. It's becoming less safe to take the kids out and around here the big, tough kids have all but taken over unless we have the kids out and back in the house before six or so. That's no fun. I don't have to check the candy except for a quick glance through which is also a plus. Number one advantage - I just have to walk a large parking lot back and forth instead of 10 blocks of city streets; stopping at every porchlight.

The other thing we have that I mentioned on BB a while back. The local movie theater sponsors a "mild" fright night for the kids. Golden Valley H. S. Drama club puts on skits, local dance schools perform scary things, and a host dressed at Beetlejuice scares the pants off the kids. They love it and it's FREE!! It's not scary enough for nightmares, just for squealing when he slimes and throws popcorn at the audience. Halloween is Rebecca's birthday (it figures, doesn't it) and she was on stage last year. One year, we knew one of the performers and she arranged for all of them to be up there for costume contest. They run it the day before and Halloween night.

A friend took them all for me last year - ended up supervising half a dozen kids. Now that they're older, I don't have to be with them every minute as long as there's someone there I trust. I've seen the darn thing at least five times anyway and it doesn't change much from year to year. The kids would probably object if it did. They enjoy stability.

L. I'm checking for anything new on your blog as soon as I feed children. Pork roast, cauliflower w/cheese and mashed potatoes w/gravy. I'm listening to my arteries harden. At least it's not the Chef tonight. Probably tomorrow unless I decide on breakfast for dinner. (See BB post of a
few days ago).

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Insomniac Diary said...

posted a comment earlier but disappeard it into the wilds of cyberspace. Great nostalgic memories from your H'ween posts. It was so much fun, as much for the adults as the kids. I loved the costumes of all the goblins at my door and on the streets. An era of innocence, robbed by all the proliferating koo-koo birds.
Told you I'd relate my psycho tale. On blog, not email. Nasty, though, not something I like to think about. May delete it later.
No email at present; war with Yahoo. Can you post more photos? Would love to see the girls in costume. Home made ones are the best. I read Blogger's instructions on how to post photos to your blog and said forget it. Beyond my computer savvy.