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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Another long day almost over

My cold or whatever it was seems to be leaving. Girls got through day without serious mayhem. I have something to cheer about. Rebecca spilled juice on Elcie's bed but other than that, nothing serious.

We went out to lunch after church at our Chinese buffet. The kids sampled several things they hadn't tried before along with a few french fries on each plate. French fries at a Chinese buffet? They (the restaurant) also had sushi and kim chi (is that correct for extremely hot sauerkraut?) along with a small American salad bar, pastries, and a soft ice cream machine. Oh, and pudding, tapioca, custard and jello. And pizza. Very strange.

Rochelle has the greatest sense of adventure when it comes to food. Rebecca is squeamish with new stuff and Elcie will eat anything as long as it's chow mein and anything containing broccoli.

Not much to write tonight. We had a prowler last night. Even after the one lonesome police officer looked all through the area, it was difficult to sleep. Rochelle and Rebecca woke up and I didn't want to sleep until they did.

Tim came in on IM while I was posting to tell me he had checked out the blog and he liked it but that was his natural hair color in the photo. I promised him a correction so here it is. It must have been the way the light hit because he has red highlights, but he's quite blond. He's now worrying about grey hair. To me, he's still the baby - grey hair?

I told him people who hung around blogs without commenting were called lurkers (my newest blog word - at least on a family blog). I saw one elsewhere that I had to google and then giggled at what I found - I should have figured it out.

Maybe we'll hear from him eventually.

I'm finishing up laundry and calling it a day I think.


ipodmomma said...

there is a Chinese buffet like that one up in Chico, New World Buffet... my dad takes us there every time we visit... good Chinese, plus lots of other stuff too... the kids love it...

I'll share a hometown buffet story on my blog today...

no news yet as to whether Peter will go under the knife... he called the surgeon's secretary this AM, but it's now 3.43 PM, and we've had no word... he started out fairly balanced this morning, but even with b-day festivities, he's starting to lose it a bit..

have a great day! it's gorgeous here, sunny and not cold! a rarity for November...


Angel said...

OMG about the prowler!! I'm glad you are all ok!

I guess most kids don't like Asian food, thus the "kid food" on the buffet. My daughter LOVES Asian food, but my son can't eat there, all the food allergies :(

Happy to hear you are feeling better!

L. said...

A prowler? Creepy! That`s enough to keep me awake, too.....

Gawdessness said...

A prowler?!
I still wouldn't be sleeping right.
There is a reason that we have three dogs. Mostly to give me a false sense of security.

I would love a "chinese" buffet like that to take my kids too! It actually sounds like there is something for everyone there.