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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Joining the blog world and other stuff

Good morning "What Have We Done" and welcome to my blog. Anyone who can access this blog can comment on this blog. Same with "Is America Burning". Worried American and I are trying to build up a following over there. So far, we're mostly talking to each other. We're both "senior" citizens who are concerned with leaving a better world for our grandkids and, in some cases, great-grandkids (the girls in the picture above, for example).

Granny is more of a personal journal with some political opinion thrown in because I'm a political person and political commentary is part of who I am. "Is America Burning" is political. You can comment on either one and post to "Is America Burning". If you're not comfortable with posting just yet, you can send a comment with a "link" to something you've read and would like to see published.

Worried American set up "Is America Burning" with a couple of caveats. Please, let's stay civil. Actually, that about covers the limitation. I don't think any subject matter is taboo (except for hate mail possibly) and we have no problem with hearing from both sides.

I'm no blog expert (this is my first) but I'm not sure how you would plagiarize this type of blog. Just coming up with the same idea isn't stealing.

Most, but not all, of the people who comment here know me from a blog called Blogging Baby. We're all interested in making a better world for kids. I'm probably the oldest of the group, along with Worried American. Sometimes (often) the comments are better than the original post. These are bright, caring people with wonderful stories to tell. If a name is boldface and underlined, it means they too have a blog and you can click on their name and get to it. )You may already know this - I didn't until I got my own blog and saw my name on BB highlighted.

There are also thousands of large political blogs out there on both sides of the fence. I read Alternet and KOS every day but seldom comment. They have a huge following. Most of the online newspapers now have a mini-blog as part of their content as well.

If you have any more questions, just ask. You can leave a comment here or in my email. The address is over on the right hand side of the blog. Hope to hear back from you.


ipodmomma said...

thanks for the prayers... much to my surprise, both girls are roundly unhappy with Peter's second thoughts... and have, in no uncertain terms, told him so. he says he's going to try and sleep in a bed tonight, and see what happens...

either way, I'm happy with whatever he chooses... it's his back, and he's the one who either has to be in pain via the disk, or in pain from surgery...

I'll let you know!!! :)))



Worried said...

Granny, would you provide the link to Alternet and Kos. I tried an address with just .com but it didn't go through.
Are you familiar with I don't agree with his Socialist leanings but he does have many excellent points.Don't have to throw out the baby with the bathwater, and we don't have to agree with every smidgin of our neighbors' opinions. I believe in Capitalism but not Capitalism run amok with greed and obscene profits. Any good principle can be carried to some religious beliefs.
Katrina/Joint_Statement_Find.htm. Scroll down to A Crisis Stemming from Capitalist Greed, drop down to "we demand that the government spend...", for the remainder of that section.Socialist or not, he hits the nail squarely on the head in his "demands". I agree.