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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Drum roll for the Blog Roll

It's up to date I think thanks to Andrea (take a bow please Andrea). If I missed anyone, I apologize. Please let me know and we'll get you on there. I'm going to try for a cast of characters as well soon. My extended family can become confusing. Briefly: in Merced husband Ray, sons Jim (Army N. G.) and Tim;
daughter Carol (living with me), several anonymous grandchildren who live here and in New Mexico, the three great-granddaughters in the picture (I'm their legal guardian but both their mom and dad are back involved in their lives. My girls are Elcie 12, Rochelle 10 going on 11 and Rebecca just turned 10. The blog is named after the three. ROC REB EL.

V.M.C. and granny fiddler are new. VMC has been helping me with the technical stuff as well as has mary p. If you saw his comments, you won't be able to access his blog from clicking on his name; however, the link in the blogroll works. Thanks to all including "anonymous friend" who set it up in the first place and worked very hard fixing the original gitches.

I stopped by maison madcap the other evening to discover that I had been there and left a four word comment. Me? four words? Impossible. Granny fiddler who also signs on as granny lives in Canada and at the time of her last post was busy making soap. Wow. Shedropped a line to me - I'm Granny no-fiddle. Makes sense to me.

Anyway, welcome to both. I'm beind on comments and I think I've talked to most of you today at some time or another.

Roger, you're quite correct and maybe I should just stop worrying about the "experts". That's usually not like me so I think I'll just use my own judgment. Thanks.

Mom2EnK please lurk or comment whenever you wish. I'm glad you're still around.

The mysterious Geoffrey Wyne has never returned to take credit for his "whatever" comment that I still haven't found anywhere except my email. I googled the name just out of of curiousity and found:

Orientation Course for Int'l Studies as well as a man in Lincolnshire who apparently received some sort of subsidy. I didn't open the link for either - I wasn't that curious.

It's been an uneventful couple of days around here. Rochelle smacked the top of her head pretty hard tonight. She had crawled into the bottom bunk and according to her Grandma Carol, bounced for some reason, forgetting the other bunk was directly overhead. Ouch. She's okay. We watched her for a while before we let her go to sleep.

Maybe I'll be more inspired tomorrow. I'm tired and I think I'll make it a relatively early night. Basically, just checking in to say hi to all and to publicly thank all the people who have helped with this journal since my friends talked me into starting it.


Gawdessness said...

Everything looks good and I love seeing my name in your blog roll!

We do the watching the kid who smacked their head before their allowed to sleep too.

Funny thing is my kids sleep with their doors shut tight on their rooms. Their preference. I couldn't stand that when I was a kid and I don't like it even now because I want to be able to hear them if they need me in the night.

Apropos nothing of course. Just thought about it and wrote it down.

L. said...

Thanks for rolling me -- I have to update mine one of these days, but there are so many I want to add that I need to find a big block of time to do it, and keep putting it off. In fact, at some point I will just have to stop, because I now read so might get longer than my posts!