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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

VMC again

Hi and welcome back. I tried to access your blog yesterday and blogspot didn't recognize it. Weird.

White was the second color I tried (after bright yellow). Problem is I couldn't read what I was typing on a white screen. Any other ideas except for doing the whole thing on Word and then bringing it over here?

(Ideas from anyone actually). I'd really like to keep the purple if I can.

I'll be back time. Have to get Elcie ready for school.


grannyfiddler said...

good morning, granny-no-fiddle! i've seen you post in a few places, and thought "this could get confusing, with 2 grannies" but the world can never have too many grannies, and i think i'm in good company. :o)

ipodmomma said...

I like the purple... :)))

I'd like to change my blog, but then I'd have to change all the links too... too much work!

I have figured out how to add names and the like, but what I'd like is an original blog skin, as you have... maybe I can talk Peter into seeing what he can figure out... he's far more adept at this stuff than me!

how's the rain? today we had sun, but cold! supposed to become wet and warmer for the rest of the week...

I'm ready for that!

dainty zebras eating legumes gain ukeleles

VMC said...

The problem is that you cannot see the text in the compose window as you write it if you choose white from the color picker.

Luckily, that color picker should only be used for little onesey, twosey temporary color changes. If you want to make the text appear a different color, then you need to go to the "Template" tab on your blog. Inside the textbox is the .css code that controls your blogs appearance. I created a temporary blog to illustrate some simple changes at

If you view the source on my page, you will see the style I used to get the white text and yellow highlights. All you have to do is go into your template, copy the whole thing and save it to a backup document on your computer for safety, then just go in and change the color values wherever you want. FFFFFF is White, FFFF00 is Yellow,

And google has about a million pages of different colorwheel applications or guides on the web.

Anyway, when you just make the changes in the template, then your editing in the compose window looks normal, black on white background, but then when you publish it, the style in the template will take over and you will see white or yellow on purple, or whatever other color you would like to see.

I will be more than happy to help you out if you have any questions.


Andrea said...

Roc Granny (have to say this as there are two of you now) I just emailed you.