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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Good time had by all - even me


Please, Mother Damnable, what does thaat mean? Is it the verification code or blog language I haven't learned yet?

Thanks to all who sent Thanksgiving notes. The last of my crowd (turned out to be 20 after all) left around six. One little neighbor girl came in with Rebecca and sampled a bite of this and a taste of that and said "your grandma can cook!" High praise from a six year old. Jim brought one of his step-daughters and two of my daughter's friends dropped in.

All went well except my plumbing picked today to stop up. It's hard to wash that many dishes, even with disposable plates, when the sink won't drain. We finally got it cleared enough to get through the cleanup. Old pipes, old house.

I took about a 45 minute nap and woke back up a few minutes ago. Checked out the mail and other blogs and then decided to leave a brief (for me) note here.

I think I'll make an early night of it for a change. From what I've heard, each of you had a good day as well. I'm glad.


Sarah Elaine said...

Having your plumbing go on a holiday is the pits.

But then again... having a brother who's a plumber makes me think of him... and the overtime he gets paid for helping people on holidays!

You might just make someone very happy!

ipodmomma said...

rolling on the floor laughing my head off...

I know that one from my days long ago on a thirtysomething message board.....

ipodmomma said...

I wrote the above, and didn't even continue! how rude of me... :)))

sounds like you all had a really grand time!! hope you got a good night's sleep... I know I did!

off to drop the van at the garage. no snow yet... God is good! :)))

have a lovely day....

Gawdessness said...

Sounds like you had a house full so definitely get some rest, you deserve it.

After listening to all my American friends, I am actually thinking about holiday food.

Last night and today we are baking up a storm for a craft/bake sale this afternoon. I will post pictures if all works out well.

Take care.

xtra interested elf in denmark?

madcapmum said...

That reminds me of the day my husband decided to hook up the new dishwasher, two hours before company was coming for supper! It was a strange dance, hopping over his pronated body in our tiny kitchen, trying to access the stove and the sink and the food...

Thanks for your comment re prejudice. It's good to hear how things are in different parts of the world.

Mother Damnable said...

ROTFLMHO means Rolls On The Floor Laughing My Head Off


Returns head to body :>)