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Friday, November 25, 2005


Two out of three of my friends from across the pond (now three out of three, Mother Damnable) have told me it means "roll on the floor laughing my head off". Silly me. Of course, in the United States, we say LMAO which is much less genteel and may have confused me. Or possibly it was too much turkey addling my already addled brain. Thank you Mollie and Alice. I'm trying to add to my blog library a little at a time. I swore I would never succumb to internet shorthand but I'm discovering it's lots of fun. Now the only thing left I swore not to do (besides join a chat room) is write in lower case (or all UPPER for that matter). The only person allowed to do that so far as I'm concerned is Cummings and he's not around anymore. Oh, and Archie the cockroach. I forgot about him.

I just went back and googled Cummings to make sure I was right about the lower case and that it wasn't just his name he did that with. I mistakenly attributed a quote from Cosgrove to "maybe Shakepeare" the other day, so I'm checking a little more. At least I said "maybe". It was "music hath charms", etc. Thank you, Uncle Roger for that one. Anyhow, I found this neat little poem and, since I'm not all that up on copyright law, I'm using the link instead of pasting the poem. It's short and you might enjoy it.

Just noticed, I do count a lot when I write. A teacher once told me I had a math aptitude. ROTFLMHO. However, he may have been at least partially correct.

Mother Damnable (now that your head is safely back with your body), do you (or anyone else) remember this one?

I sing it to the girls from time to time. I'm rather warped. To me, it's no worse than "when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall". Many nursery rhymes and fairy tales should carry an "Restricted" rating. I understand many of the nursery rhymes were originally political attacks set to rhyme and we all know how civilized politics can be.

We had pumpkin pie for breakfast. I'll get them back on track tomorrow or so but pumpkin pie contains nutrition as well as calories. (I can rationalize anything, given enough time).

I'm taking today off as much as possible. I sure won't have to cook. The stores here in the States are having their day after Thanksgiving sales and I just refuse to join in. First place, money's too short this close to the end of the month, (we're pay as you go except for emergencies), and also, I hate the mob scene. We've always managed without joining the fray.

Ray's still sleeping. He works as hard as I do on holidays and he's much better to clean up the same day. I'm more apt to say that it'll still be there in the morning. (Except for dishes and putting food away - I'm obsessive about that). It wasn't too bad but that many people traipsing around can leave a lot of disorder. Even a little more than I usually have.

I put the pies in the dryer overnight for lack of space in refrigerator. They're not as perishable as, for example, the turkey but even wrapped I didn't want to leave them out. Elcie wanted a piece of pie for breakfast and I told her if she could find them, she had earned it. She returned triumphant about five minutes later. (I told her small room - not bathrooms as a hint.)

They're going back to school on Monday. It's more than enough time off.

Vigil tonight and rain forecast. As long as it's not a thunderstorm, I'll go. We stand under trees and I'm not that big an idiot. The rain may put out our candles as well. To those of you who no earthly idea what I'm talking about, check out the two November 12th entries entitled "Vigil" and "Vigil correction". It's simpler than trying to explain once again what I'm doing to get myself arrested.

Talk to you all later. At some point I want to get back to kids and homework. How much help is too much help? It seems to be a controversial topic in England and to some extent here. Maybe later or tomorrow. This is long enough already and I'm just reminding myself unless someone already has some ideas.


Mary P. said...

I love that song! Such a great song for belting it out!

When I was a kid, we had a couple of Stanley Holloway records. I can still sing the Anne Boleyn song, and recite most of a couple of "Ramsbottom" monologues, including my favourite as an 8-year-old, "Albert and the Lion":

"There's a famous seaside place called Blackpool,
That's noted for fresh air and fun,
And Mr and Mrs Ramsbottom,
Went there with young Albert, their son."

Remember it? Albert provokes the lion (one Wallace) and ends up being swallowed whole! (It has a happy ending, of course, though Pa Ramsbottom isn't so sure about that.)

Oh, and you can cite poems, etc., as long as you reference the author. You can provide a link, too, but it's not essential.

Mother Damnable said...

Ann, I've something on my blog already, I've been meaning to add to it so that's my job tomorrow.

"Oranges and Lemons"

And an interesting turn at Stepney.

Pumpkin Pie for breakfast, Bliss!