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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Halloween hangovers

I was too exhausted last night to do anything but pile into bed and I barely remember doing that. I think my precious angels were suffering from post holiday depression and taking it out on each other and, by extension, me.

I kept breaking up fights and finally sent Elcie to her room to think it over. Her response, once again, was to sleep through the night from 4:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. When I got up at 5:15, she had done all her homework on her own, was smiling and happy, and ready to get in tub (with just a little nagging). It's much easier on me in the morning than at night. Rochelle just woke up and Elcie's still waiting with Grandpa Ray for her bus (which just pulled up).

Rebecca had decided since nobody at school checked her homework she could just scribble numbers and turn it in. She was very upset when I wouldn't allow that. I don't blame her too much - why bother if nobody's paying attention. I think I convinced her that it was in her own interest to learn. We started over, did all the multiplication problems first and then went back and finished several of the other problems. Almost three hours start to finish including Rochelle, of all people, who caused Rebecca to burst into tears. In the process of preparing her for homework, she threw several pencils, kicked a chair several times, and ripped a page in her math book by turning pages too violently. All this while screaming. I confess she picked up the pencil throwing from me. My solution is to leave the room as long as I'm sure she won't hurt herself. Losing her audience seems to help. If it doesn't, I come back and go on to plan "b" whatever that may be. I came back and she had taped the math book page and was looking at the problems. She understands the decimal; at least enough to multiply and "point off" correctly. Next, she and I will work on the relationship between decimals and fractions. I'll probably use a dollar bill and assorted coins to show her how decimals work and then draw a pie to show her fractions. Once she realizes fractions and decimals are two ways of doing the same thing, the little lightbulb may go on in her head. She's very like I was. If I couldn't see the reason for learning something, it was very difficult to convince me. Most of this is 3rd and 4th grade work (except for the multiplying of decimals) but somehow she didn't manage to learn it then. I'm backing up since it won't happen in school. I wish she and I had more time to spend on the basics.

I hated history and civics in school. Obviously, that's changed. Lists of dates are boring. I think they should teach history and civics (social studies?)together and show how there is nothing new in the universe and how nations keep repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. (A classic definition of insanity, by the way). I'm sure some school are doing that already.

I posted a sad article on race relations Or the lack thereof) in America over on is_america_burning

Hatred is alive and thriving in the CA Inland Empire. In the same week we're honoring the memory of Rosa Parks, minorities are being attacked for visiting a public park. It's a depressing story and it made me angry but also may be a wakeup call. I decided to include the link here as well.

Paperwork today and finishing up bill paying. I have chicken out for dinner and fresh broccoli. Chicken divan? We'll see. If I get the chicken and the broccoli in the same dish, I can call it that anyway. I'll check out a simple recipe on recipe source.

Rebecca now up and semiconscious. She wraps herself in a cocoon every night and sometimes waking her up is like unwrapping a mummy. She wraps from one side while I'm unwrapping from the other. Aha, she's in jeans and a shirt - still has to do her hair and it's 7:31. She's running it right up to the wire today.

I'd better go encourage her. More later maybe.


Gawdessness said...

I couldn't read it all the way through.
The article, it was so full of awful things that it makes me sick to my stomach.
The hate is too much.
I admit that I really like the Canadian hate laws.
It is hard.

Uncle Roger said...

That is sickening. I don't get it. Is their skin color the only thing they can find to feel good about themselves? This is one of the reasons I am so glad my kids will grow up in San Francisco.

Granny said...

I really thought about not including that link but I was so sickened by the contrast between honoring Rosa Parks and that behavior that something said to me "put it on there".

Gawdessness, I'm truly sorry you were upset. Perhaps I should have included a stronger warning or just written a precis of the article.

My girls haven't run into much yet but I know there are people here who share the warped "thinking" of those Inland Empire people.

We have hate crime laws. I not sure when something crosses the line. They seem to run here on a case by case, trial by trial basis since penalties are much more severe with a hate crime enhancement.

Truth is I didn't read it word for word either. At some point I said "enough" and went on to something else.

Roger, I don't get it either. I guess it's the pecking order and "hen number 10" again. Hen number 9 knows she's superior to Hen number 10.