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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Turkey, lasagne, and garlic bread? Well, why not


On your memorable Thanksgiving, did you have your SIL's dinner as well as or instead of the lasagne and garlic bread? Inquiring minds want to know.

I don't know how Jen makes her souffle, but if I cover anything with brown sugar, spices, and marshmallows, the kids will eat it. It's actually closer to a dessert when I get done with it. I used to use fresh yams potatoes but lately I've been cheating and using canned. Just dump everything in (except the marshmallows) and run the mixer (or the processor - either will work). Or you can dig out your trusty potato masher if you're really a glutton for punishment. I keep saying sweet potato when I mean yam - only because they're more festive looking. Not that much difference otherwise.

Also, while you're checking out blogs, check out Mollie (ipod, etc). I recommended you to her as well.

Rebecca managed to get dressed and hair done in less than 5 minutes. They're all out of here and I will be shortly as well. I think today in addition to paperwork I'll hit the $ stores and Grocery Outlet for Thanksgiving and Christmas groceries. What I can't find there, I'll look for elsewhere but I can usually save a ton and Merced is small enough still that I can make a large circle and not use too much gas. I'd never be able to do it in S. F. I didn't buy a car until 1988. 83 Volvo wagon, canary yellow. I loved it. We didn't drive it in the city too much but sure used it for getaways. Public transportation in the city isn't what it once was but it's still better usually than fighting driving and especially parking there.

L. has a funny post about parking tickets on her blog.

Dutch has a recent post about the friendly skies which would be hysterical if I thought he was making a good story better. Since I know he wouldn't do that, it's partly a sad commentary on flying and the way we treat each other but still very funny. I don't know what it is about Dutch and the airlines but they seem to see him coming and quickly invent new ways to complicate his life. He's on the blog roll over on the right side of the post. At least he was yesterday. I think things have finally stopped appearing and disappearing here. I was beginning to think I was hexed.

This started out as a reply to Gawdessness (see comments) and once again I can't find a stopping place. Have a great day all of you in Pacific time zone. Everyone else have a great afternoon or evening.

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