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Saturday, November 12, 2005

More than you ever wanted to know about toboggans

Hi L.

We're both right. I always thought the toboggan hat was called that because we wore them while riding toboggans back where I grew up. This dictionary gives the etymology. The other link has lots of pictures. I bought two of them today - one gold with purple trim; the other solid purple.

We came home with two new pillows, two sleeping bags, four new undershirts, a dozen pairs of socks, a six pack of cute underwear, chapstick, tissues, toothpaste and toothbrushes, flashlights, and possibly something else. Oh, shower shoes. I forgot the camera but they can use the rest of the film on the Halloween disposable. The teachers usually make a video and copy it for all the kids.

Fortunately, they have warm clothing, jackets, shoes, and night clothes. It's almost like sending them away to college and I know I'll pack twice what they need.

We stopped off at Barnes & Noble for soup and sandwich and to say hi to Tim.
Discovered Jim sitting there in full uniform as well. His wife is a manager on the book floor; Tim manages the cafe. Real family reunion. We spent it making T'giving plans. We'll hold it at Jim's this year unless something changes. He'll cook the ham and mashed potatoes, I'll do the rest and he'll be responsible for getting it to his house. It should work and it will cut down on the crowd. Even a former Army cook should be able to deal with putting a ham in the oven and mashing taters without dirtying every dish in the house.

You were right about BB but sometimes I have a way of pushing buttons or maybe they'd respond to anyone who challenged their beliefs. When Nancy asked me to explain, I thought oops, I've done it this time. Turned out she was just curious.

The girls were thrilled with their new goodies and tried to fit their new sleeping bags into their backpacks. Nope, sort of like Cinderella's shoe.

I like your new user name as long as I don't have to type it.

Mollie, be very glad the televangelists haven't invaded yet. Carol's total chemo is supposed to be six months so she still has almost five to go.

Tonight's vigil had increased by 10 people from last week and many more horns were blowing. From there a friend and I had coffee at Starbuck's and then on to our local progressive group. We're talking about a huge raceway and an equally huge Walmart distribution center building on opposite ends of town at about the same time. The increase in traffic will be horrendous and we don't have the roads to support it. Our "freeway" CA 99, is two lanes each way through that area and part of it still has cross traffic. Mollie will remember 99 very well. The proposed year round raceway is about 5 miles give or take from 99 on the site of the old Castle Air Force base. There is no good way to get there from 99 except for surface streets. They plan a parking lot for 25,000 cars and anticipate attendance from all of northern CA.. Walmart will be sending a truck a minute to their site. The central valley already has the worst pollution in CA and the most severe asthma problems. Replacing our cows with trucks and traffic won't solve the problem.

I'm all for planned growth but neither of these things sound like a great idea; at least at the proposed sites. I'm going to hang back and listen for a while but I may jump on the "no on pollution" bandwagon eventually.

Actually got away with leaving girls at home. Rochelle went to the vigil but was willing to go back home afterward. It's been a while since I sat in a pleasant coffee shop with a friend and just chatted. It was the first time I've been in a Starbucks. B&N serves their products but it's not a Starbucks affiliate. Came home to find that all the Camp Green Meadows stuff (see above) that I had left in the middle of my side of the bed had been neatly stashed in the corner by Ray. He is so good to me. He's asleep now and I hope I will be shortly.

Tomorrow, unless there's something I've forgotten, should be fairly laid back. There's nothing on my calendar but there usually isn't on Saturday. Maybe I can actually sleep past six.


Gawdessness said...

Bellaclava and ski or face mask.
That is what I have heard the knit hat that goes right over your head and has holes for your eyes and mouth called.
When I was a kid, it used to astonish me that it was the mask of choice for robbers on tv shows. Especially if they lived in California. I could not wrap my wee brain around people who lived where palm trees grew needing that kind of hat for anything. Where would they even find one?

Today is a quiet day for us, sort of. Hubby is out with the two kids and I am doing laundry, knitting, catching up on the computer and sort of organizing our diningroom/craft room. Whatever I get to, is the key.

I am glad that your vigil is getting bigger - that is important and helps to spread the word.

The Walmart distribution centre sounds awful from a traffic and pollution point of view. I love real planned development, I wish more communities actually used it.

Also glad to hear that the bed was usuable as soon as you wanted it. The worst for me some days is when the kids have been doing the laundry - that means it is washed and dried and then dumped on my bed. Forming huge, unfolded foothills of denim and cotton.
I'm never expecting it until I stagger in to go to bed.

Never been to a Barnes and Noble. We have something similar called Chapters - don't shop there much though.

Did you ever get a digital camera?
Let me know.

Uncle Roger said...

Toque... At least in Canada, I think. That's just the hat. A balaclava covers the whole face with holes for the eyes and such.

Wal-mart is a disaster no matter what.