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Friday, November 11, 2005

Last minute stuff

I've had since September to prepare for Camp Green Meadows and I still have last minute shopping as well as labeling everything (double for two girls going at same time). I may just put their last name on. As long as it gets in one dufflebag or the other, it'll get back home. The camp people say underwear is the most common thing lost. I thought it would be one sock from each pair I send. I'm going to surprise them with new, pretty underwear for the occasion. Underwear gets grungy after a while, no matter how clean.

Nicole - You, political? I can't imagine which party you had in mind. I think we agree on some solutions. Ray and I are on fixed income, a little but not much above poverty level. I don't know what the girls will do for their education beyond high school. We exist month to month with nothing left over and not many ways to cut back.

Our junior college here has a good selection of vocational courses and they offer an Associate's Degree. They offer remedial English and math since they are prerequisites for many of the vocational courses and so many kids go through school without learning the basics.

As long as kids remain at or near the bottom of the political heap, not much meaningful will be done. They talk about the value of families and then provide nothing helpful; only more bandaids and bureaucracy.

Enough already, it's a beautiful day and I don't want to spend it in a blue funk.

Besides, I may have just accidentally started a war on BB about Pat Robertson and I may need all my energy for that.

R & R went to the store with their mom. Carol has two medical appointments this morning; one for blood test and her last shot for the white cell problem (same place) and then a followup with the surgeon. She just walked back in so I should probably head out on a search for the remaining camping gear.

More later maybe. Hi to Gawdessness and Mollie.


ipodmomma said...

Pat Robertson... oh wow....

you know, I really don't understand people like that... those who use God for purposes that to me really don't have anything to do with compassion and loving kindness...

there really aren't televangilists here in the UK. Churches' incomes are taxed, unless you do a direct debit thing, and then the church can claim back the tax.

how long is Carol on chemo?

have a good day....


L. said...

Oh, Granny, you didn`t start a war about Pat Robertson on BB -- even most right-wing people think he`s a nut case at this point.

I always thought a "toboggan" was a long sled. We used to have one --