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Thursday, November 10, 2005

My big night out with the girls

Elcie went to her usual choir practice tonight. I took Rochelle along to pick her up. While I was chatting with the pastor, Rochelle stepped to the lectern and read the entire page of scripture that had been left there. She didn't miss a word. This is the child we thought might never distinguish CAT from DOG. She's amazing.

Our nickel arcade was having a free admission evening so I took Rebecca, Rochelle, and my crossword puzzle book, adjusted my ear plugs, and off we went. Elcie used to go but it's a little crowded for her and truthfully, she enjoys having the living room to herself sometimes.

They each had $5 worth of nickels to splurge. Rebecca dashes from one thing to the next; Rochelle deliberates. Naturally, Rebecca ran out of nickels long before Rochelle. Rochelle, without being asked, split her stash. When they finally ran out, Rebecca split her prize jewelry with Rochelle. They each ended up with 8 jangly bracelets and a necklace.

Then we headed to Mickey D's for kid's meals. First french fries of the new month I think. I let them sit in the game room while I had a table right on the other side with a good view of them. First time they've been "alone" at a restaurant.

There were four or five boys playing air hockey. The next time I checked they were all flirting. Flirting? They're 10. It was so funny. One of the boys' mom came over to the girls' table to make sure the boys weren't being mean. Of course, my gals giggled and said no, they were fine. When we left (with a chicken meal for Elcie), Rochelle put her hand out the car window and made the peace sign. The boy blew her a kiss. I need to go buy that shotgun soon.

It was a great night out for them. They never squabbled, they were generous with each other, and they were funny. What more can I ask except a repeat performance tomorrow. Never happen. Two days of sweetness and light would be too much. I'd be taking temperatures. Elcie was asleep when we got back so they shared the extra chicken meal. I hope they hid the evidence well.

It's getting late and I should stop and get some sleep but wanted to get that on before I forgot the details.

Three day weekend coming up. I'm starting out with a relatively straightened house and caught up laundry. I wonder what three days will do to change that. Next week - Camp Green Meadows. They'll (R&R) be gone for 3 days. I need to spend some time this weekend packing. Still have to purchase two ski masks (we used to call them toboggans but in CA people look at me strangely when I say that). I think I have everything else they need.

Worried American - Elcie's advocate works for the County Office of Education rather than the school district which puts him in a good position to be fearless and objective. Every special needs child should have one. I just assumed they all did. We do quite well for a small, economically depressed county. It's the bureaucracy that's the big problem, the one size fits all approach, and the unwillingness to listen.

I'll try to get something on the other blog tomorrow. It's been a busy week and I've been caught up in California politics which wouldn't be all that interesting to anyone outside of CA. House of Representatives pulled the ANWR drilling from the budget bill today and then shelved the entire bill - don't know for how long. Maybe I could do a little more research on that. I've supposed to be getting a copy of the bill along with a summary from my Representative (who promised to vote against it). The summary will help; I don't have time to read 500 pages of legalese. Neither do most Congresspeople which is how most bad legislation (and pork) sneaks in. All I know for sure is that the bill, in its present form, is a disaster (with or without ANWR). Hey, I've already written my post - just on the wrong blog.

Good night.


ipodmomma said...

sounds like the three of you had a really lovely evening... :))) it's so nice when they get along, sharing and all. those are the moments to remember... and the boys... that was very cute!

I had a long, early walk, and then jumped right into things... Christmas cake is in the AGA, and I've even cleaned off the counters...

taking Peter's mom to the doc this afternoon, she's has a bad cold...

and that will be about it...

have a wonderful day!


Gawdessness said...

Normally I am very anti gun, but suddenly, thinking of boys flirting with my daughter - it all sounds sort of reasonable!

I love times when it all just clicks and is sweetness and light - although if we didn't have the rest of the time as normal it would kind of make me suspicious. Drug use would be my first guess.

Hearing about your advocate is so reassuring and at the same time sad - I worry for the kids who don't have them.

In our school system I was the advocate. Mind you I don't know if that is the case with children in foster care/guardian ship.

How hard we work as a society to overthrow our education systems and make them as inaccessible as possible to the majority of people staggers me.

Right now I am worried about our socialized medical care. I love socialized medicine and there are people here in gov't. who would love to see it become more like the states! Argh.