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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Replying about photo questions in comments

Hi cluttergirl

Elcie is 12 - will be 13 in March
Rochelle is 10 - will be 11 in January
Rebecca is 10 - just had a birthday - yes, she's a Halloween child.

Ten months between Rochelle and Rebecca. Rebecca was very early - our two pounder - otherwise it would have been closer to a year apart.

The girls are my grandson's kids, my great-grandchildren. His mother is my oldest daughter. That makes my sons their great-uncles. Tim and their dad are close to the same age and of course, Tim is their dad's uncle. I feel like I'm writing new lyrics to I'm My Own GrandPaw.

Yes, that is I in the photo - one of the few we have of me except as a child. I have one of those back in the October postings as well as a couple of my own great-uncle, the violin maker. Also put one on of the girls with their mom.

I've been keeping up with you on Gawdessness but yesterday was the first chance I had to backtrack trhough your posts.

This is a typical Saturday - kids running amok. I'm doing as little as possible. This cold is really kicking my butt and Sundays are always busy, at least in the morning. I make two trips to the church (United Methodist) ; one with Elcie for choir practice and double back with the rest of us. Elcie's really blooming with our small "praise" choir. Drums and other percussion, guitars, piano, and singers. Six to eight people at most.

I have a biography way back at the beginning of September. Sort of a scorecard naming the players and their relationship to me.

Oh, the other question. They either love each other or are ready to kill. Elcie and Rebecca get into it the most. Rebecca is often a pest and Elcie is hitting teenage with a vengeance and has lost what little patience she once possessed. She's been spending considerable time in her room lately thinking about her language and the choices she could have made. She gets to decide when to come out - all it takes is an attitude change. It's not a grounding exactly, just trying to defuse the situation and let her know some behavior is unacceptable, no matter the provocation. Rebecca goes to a neutral corner - it takes two to fight. Rochelle is usually the peacemaker (middle child) and the most outwardly loving and kind.

Keep in touch - I'll try to visit you a little more often.


Action Now said...

Hi! Can I join the comments? I found your blogs on the scroll down after a post is made. I'm new to blogging and haven't made any posts yet. I have a lot to say but can't figure out how to say it. Your other blog gave me some ideas but don't want to plagiarize. I'm worried about the direction our country is taking, too, worried about the future for my kids and future generations. You are obviously a devoted grandmother and care about kids, our nation and everything. People really must wake up before it's too late. We have to leave some sort of good life for your lovely children, mine, and all the rest of the children in our country. But how do we get people mobilized?

Worried said...

Well, Granny, another voice crying in the wilderness? Another Cassandra crying out predictions and no one listens? But we have to think positively and have faith, keep up the good fight, even if we go down in flames.

Good luck, What Have We Done?. It is more applicable to mine and Granny's generation, and that of our offspring...we're the ones that allowed this mess to go on, but not from lack of trying to prevent it.

Granny said...

Worried - check your email. I sent you a reply.

ipodmomma said...

I had to smile inwardly, over the descriptions of your girls... Spencer, who sits in the middle of mine, is usually the peacemaker, although with his recent cranky nature he's been just been the family curmudgeon... but usually he's the most mellow... and quietest.

as for teh girls, Jocelyn just turned 13, and she's certainly giving us her turn's worth of this and that... but overall she's a good kid, with a loving heart...

upon returning to the fold, Teddy has become more physically affectionate, which is really nice.. I noticed that before, she would only come up and get snuggly when we were around others, kind of odd... now she does it more here at home as well. the year away was hard, but ultimately we all learned valuable stuff that we wouldn't have gotten any other way...

isn't that how it usually works? :)))

have a good Sunday... here it's rainy, and grey. but there is football tonight.. we are 8 hours ahead... it sounds like you had family/friends over here at one point. football doesn't start until 6 pm, so now it's a night thing, instead of morning. we don't get the monday night game, but that's okay... we get both sunday games, (no espn game) and all playoff, and Thanskgiving games.. so I can't complain!


Granny said...

What Have We Done - left a post for you.

Mollie - good morning - why am I up? Figured out you really meant the NFL - not the English version. I forget sometimes you're a transplant. I hang in with the Niners in spite of it all but baseball is much more my sport. I started watching pro football in Arkansas on the theory "if you cant' beat em, join em". I didn't want to hang out in the kitchen with the ladies where I spent most of the time biting my tongue bloody and keeping a zipper on my mouth.

There's a lot of literature out there on "middle child". I ignore most of it but I'm sure there are some patterns. To me kids are kids - no two exactly alike and the literature just confuses me. Do experts ever agree on anything?

L. said...

Maybe you should post your old entry about yourself on the side of the blog? That`s what I decided to do, to explain our story. Or write an "about me" post that you like, and post that. (As I recall, you left Ray out of your first post, and some of us were suprised to hear you had a husband!) It was really easy -- I`m sure your anonymous friend can do it as soon as you write it.