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Friday, November 25, 2005

What I forgot to say

I missed the comment from "madcap mum" in my earlier post. In addition to the things we have in common with husbands and plumbing, she has an excellent post and discussion on racial issues and stereotypes on her blog (November 23 entry) which can be found at:

or by clicking on her name in the comment of course. I misplaced her when I was "counting" my friends in Canada. One of the entries dealt with stereotyping by country and I admit I have an extremely idealistic picture of our northern neighbor. I'm very fond of Canada.

I also forgot to mention early Christmas for Ann. My son, Tim, brought me the latest Enya cd yesterday (whee). I copied it to the computer immediately and will burn a copy for Elcie. This morning, my grandson (girls' dad) showed up with a cordless keyboard and cordless optical mouse for my computer. He had told me about the sale yesterday and I said I'd love it but couldn't justify it this month even at $15.00. (great price). My wiring under the computer desk no longer resembles an octopus quite so much. The keys are a little larger which is better for me - it's closer to a typewriter size - but a little stiffer which will take some getting used to. I can live with that.

Now all I have to do is keep the girls from running off with the mouse. They do that with the t.v. remote in the living room when one or the other is mad at a sister.

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Gawdessness said...

Canada is very fond of you too Ann.
Very cool that you got a new optical mouse and keyboard.