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Monday, December 05, 2005

At least most of my face is in shadow

Rebecca stuck the camera right in my face and clicked. At least she centered and didn't chop the top of my head off. Doing better than I except for the subject matter. That bookcase in the background is my vhs opera collection. You can't see the "vinyl" on the other side or the cd's and dvd's above. Everyone knows that's my bookcase. Touch and suffer serious consequences.

L., before your imagination runs wild, I think the stuff on top is a few Dixie cups and some throat spray. Not a vacuum cleaner bag anywhere; however, we do have a flying saucer. USS Enterprise to scale complete with bells and whistles. Very noisy when the right buttons are pushed.

You can't see Ray right behind me watching whatever that was on t.v. Old Star Trek maybe?

Elcie's waiting for the bus with Grandpa Ray and it's about time to wake Rebecca and Rochelle. It's easier if they sleep until she leaves. Their school is walking distance so they have more time. Elcie's bus picks her up a full hour before school at least for at most a 3 mile trip - maybe not that far. I'd drive her but we just can't manage the wheelchair day in and day out. When she was in elementary and she needed it just in rainy season, it stayed in the classroom throughout the week and we brought it home on weekends. Now with the larger campus, she uses it more. She gets around fine but they worry about possible hip damage from that much pounding a pavement We don't want to take the chance.

Got to go - this was supposed to be brief. Have a good laugh at my expense over the photo. Posted by Picasa


Mother Damnable said...

Hi Hi Ann,

Thanks for your pic, I thought I should share mine too, it's at

From when americans apologised to the world for Bush, and the world accepted the apologies, I'm forth from the top :>)

Gawdessness said...

Nothing to laugh at here, besides you know what they say, the shadow knows!

L. said...

I just how you are juxtaposed with the image on the television: Ann vs. virtual reality.

L. said...

I mean, I just LOVE -- need a verb in that sentence!