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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Taking a day off

Let's see, where was I? Oh yes - whining, I remember now.

We played hookey this morning from church. Elcie had a sore throat and I still wasn't all that great. Told the girls if we got feeling better we might go out later to eat.

Meantime my son Tim called with the same idea. The two of us took the girls to buffet Chinese at Mandarin Shogun. They all enjoyed their meal but Rochelle filled her plate three times. She ate two plates of standard fare, went after a dish of ice cream and a cookie, ate that and went back after a plate full of tossed green salad with a lo mein chaser. I lost track after that but believe she may hae gone for seconds on the ice cream. Amazing. She read all the words in her fortune cookie including the word "astonishing". I'm not sure what was astonishing but it could have been her appetite. They eat like loggers and stay slim - it isn't fair.

By then I was feeling much better so we dropped the girls off with Grandpa Ray along with some hot and sour soup for him and my daughter and went over to my other son's house to play cards for a little while. First time in ages; their work shifts won't usually allow it. I was home in plenty of time to get the girls settled and in bed. Grandpa had given them all hot chocolate and had some waiting for me. No need to fix dinner; they shouldn't be hungry for a while.

I think sometimes I need a day like that.

It's past midnight and tomorrow is a school day for girls and catch-up on housework day for me. I think i'll be sensible and call it a night.


Mother Damnable said...

What a lovely day! I hope everyone is feeling better today, we have a Grandad Ray (IRL) and my younger son is called for him.

His wife is Nannie Rose, she is from Dublin and we all love her to bits, Mysti (Raymond's cat) had a beautiful kitten we called Tomkyns who now lives with Nannie Rose and Grandad Ray, must be kitten heaven for him.

We are visiting them this week and can't wait to see if Tomkins remembers us!

I'll wish you a lovely week and give your three little angels a big hug from me!

ipodmomma said...

yes, that does sound like a really lovely day...

it is funny how kids at that age just eat like there's no tomorrow! it was funny to see how much taller Rochelle is than Rebecca...

they grow too fast!

Andrea said...

a perfect daY, A TRUE sunday of rest love and family

Gawdessness said...

that's the kind of day off I was looking for yesterday - not the stomach flu, but still glad that one of us got to have it!

Sounds like rochelle is going through a growth spurt!