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Friday, December 23, 2005

Chicken pepper pot

I checked in on dragonfly 183 (witches cottage) and I found a recipe. Here it is: Easy, adaptable, and I bet it tastes good.

The comments are all hers. She grows things.

Here is a recipe I make a lot of. Its easy and quick. Just throw your ingredients in the crockpot in the morning (or solar cooker in the summer) and leave it all day while you work outdoors. Serve it over pasta when its dinner time and sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese.

The recipe for chicken pepper pot. . .

1.5 pounds chicken cubed (peel it right off the skeleton of a whole one, it doesn't matter how you get it as long as you got it)
1 1/2 cup garden grown bell peppers (you can use store bought but home grown has much more flavor because its allowed to ripen on the plant instead of being picked before its ripe)
2 cans condensed tomato soup undiluted
1 can of water
2 chicken bouillon cubes
2 tbsp fresh or frozen basil
2 tbsp fresh or frozen rosemary
2 tbsp fresh or frozen oregano
1 tsp fresh or frozen sage
1 dried bay leaf (or use fresh if you have a bay laurel)
1 tbsp white wine worchestshire sauce

Combine all ingredients but the chicken in the crock pot and stir. Then add the diced raw chicken, put on lid and cook. The longer you cook the more tender the chicken. Ten hours is the best setting, but 8 or 6 will work to if you didn't get up early enough for 10 hours.

You can use dried herbs if you don't grow your own. You can buy them to if you want to spend the money on fresh herbs from the store. But it seems silly to spend that much money when you can grow them yourself


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