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Friday, December 23, 2005

Rebecca and coal in the stocking

Rebecca has been a jewel all day long. When she's at her best, she's amazing.

She has helped with everything I asked and then volunteered for several projects like cleaning out drawers, making my bed, cleaning off the computer area, and generally making herself indispensable. She's been playing Santa Claus is Coming to Town on the piano. "Oh You Better Watch Out". Do you suppose she took it to heart?

Rochelle and Elcie have been pretty good as well.

If you haven't read the comments, Angel refers to Gizmo as a "monitor" lizard. Funny Angel. L. says he looks a little like a vacuum cleaner bag. You might have to go back to earlier posts to figure that one out but she and I know.

It's been a busy, rainy day but at least not cold.

I may have a vehicle by this time tomorrow. I'm almost afraid to hope too much but my credit cleared and I talk to the owner of the car lot tomorrow. He's married to a friend of mine from church. I didn't make the connection until I was chatting with her about my car problems and she said she'd call her husband. Oh, that's why her last name seemed so familiar. It's on a television ad daily.

It's a '98 Olds minivan - roomier than the Caravan I'm driving now but not an SUV which I don't want. Too big. It has sliding doors on both sides and the seats operate independently instead of a bench. Lots of extras which is nice but would not have been my first priority. It should be much easier to get kids, groceries, wheelchair, etc. in and out. Keep your fingers crossed for me please. I'm getting tired of being without wheels, especially this week.

It's not new but it's six years newer than what I have now and I'm pretty sure we can afford it.

Once again, I'm up much too late.

Good night.


Mother Damnable said...


My fingers are crossed :>)

Sorry not to have been around much, busy time for us all. Your tree is loverly, I have still to put the chocolate santas and snowmen on mine, it's too tempting otherwise and they never last!

Thanks for sharing your pics, it's almost like a proper visit when I come here. Thanks also for finding very interesting blogs to visit from here.

x Best wishes x

ipodmomma said...

lovely! will be thinking good van thoughts for you... :))))

big helpers are always a bonus in our house!