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Friday, December 02, 2005

I learned a new blogger word today

Here are two comments from "anonymous" about 4 hours apart. The new blogger word is "flamed" according to one of my friends.

Anonymous said...
ooh... i like the green... it looks really good with the purple background too!

1:42 PM
Anonymous said...
racist c*** (see comments if you can't figure out the asterisks. I don't want that word on my post, thanks)
5:19 PM

I have no way of knowing if the same anonymous wrote both comments or if there is any way of avoiding this. I like the green with the purple too. The second comment says a lot about the author.

First reaction:

Shock and then tears. Anon accomplished whatever sick short term goal he/she had in mind.

Decision time:

1. Delete and move on (thanks for the comment L.)

2. Search my soul for whatever I may have said to provoke this tripe. (Blame the victim mentality - I used to be good at that and it's still my initial reaction sometimes)

3. Put it out here for all to see it for what it is.


As you can see, I chose Door Number 3.

I knew there was a possibility of something like this happening. I'm sure any of you who have been blogging for a while have experienced some of the same thing

I've decided not to agonize about what I may or may not have said. I don't think it matters and if I start weighing every word for fear of offending, I might as well hang it up now. I've made too many friends and had too good a time to let "anon" win.

I may get back later with something a little more cheerful but wanted to get this out quickly. Thanks in advance to all my friends who will see this.

Note to anonymous #2 (if you are two different people) This is your 15 minutes of fame. Enjoy it while it lasts.


L. said...

Anonymous may never even see your response post, because so many flamers are hit-and-run (which I believe is known as a "dive by" -- I`m still learning blogging lingo, too).

Think of it as an obscene phone call, and don`t let it get to you. If he/she keeps coming back, you can alert Blogger and take various steps.

Andrea said...

I am so sorry this has happened to you. Ignore please.
It happened to me for a bit and I turned off my comments and kept going, but I decided I was not going to let them ruin my fun and my new online friendships. Those people deffinitly have no friends. so sad really.

Andrea said...

And I like the new look. easy to read.

Andrea said...

Ohh and I left your info at work so I will add to your blog roll on my monday. cheers

Worried said...

Absolutely NEVER NEVER blame the victim. Granny, you KNOW that!!The comment is so beneath your dignity to pay note to it. Since you obviously are NOT racist, the least biased person I've known in my 70+ years, the low-life who left the comment knows nothing of your blog. Just lashing out and spewing his/her self hatred and feelings of inferiority on any target, trying to pull another down to his level.. Don't sweat the small stuff, and this insignificant insect is definitely VERY small and petty. It deserves censure, yes, but also our pity that any supposedly intelligent being could demean himself so badly.

ipodmomma said...

I love you lots, and the person who did this knows nothing, or very, very little, about love....

my advice? (not that you need any, but what's a comment if not to give one's 2 cents...) say a prayer for them, and forget it. I might be overstating this, but people like that have very little kindness or compassion within their hearts, and, if I might say so, we have a bit more...

it's the case of loving the sinner, yet giving them a good telling off for their misdeeds....

I should just email this to you, but I've already put it here... there you go....

have a really lovely day!

Uncle Roger said...

Don't even worry about it. If you really want to, take 2 seconds and do a quick check -- are you racist? No? I didn't think so. You should give that comment as much credence as if he had called you a computer nerd, a trekkie, or -- heaven forbid -- a conservative republican!

There was a time, back in the dark ages, when I was hanging out on CompuServe (or Compu$erve, as we called it, at $12/hour for 300bps). I got what was basically an instant message from another user, saying hi. It seemed the guy wanted to talk. We chatted a bit and he asked where I was from. I said San Francisco, and he asked if there were a lot of fags there. I said that a fair number of people smoked, but no more than anywhere else. Of course, that's not what he meant. Long story short, I kept him on the line for about three hours. Since I worked for CS, it was free for me, but it cost him plenty. I dunno if I changed his mind at all, but at least he paid for his idiocy.

I'm not sure how relevant that is, but it's a fun story. Anyway, these people just want to get others upset -- it's the only power they have. Don't let this bother you, just let it go. It's like a kid having a temper tantrum -- if you pay attention to it, it will only get worse.

madcapmum said...

Sorry they picked you to do that to, and please don't take it too much to heart. I like hearing what you have to say.

And I LIKE the green on purple, very easy on the eyes!

Anonymous said...

This is a test with word verification enabled.