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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Word Verification ??

I can't comment on anyone else's blog and no one can comment on mine. I finally disabled word verification temporarily at least and I can get through to mine.

I've been back and forth on email with one friend who discovered she had the same problem. The same verification keeps coming up (smenita) over and over.
One comment I tried to post 3 hours ago on another blog finally showed up there.

My email address is over on the side bar. Or
Let me know what's happening with you. It seems to be just on blogspot and yes, I emailed them and received a generic response.

I can comment elsewhere, it's just word verification and once my friend disabled hers as well, my comment went through to her.

I'll email each of you I have addresses for. I don't want to think it has anything to do with the hate mail I received because everything was fine this morning, but I really wonder.


Andrea said...

Weare here and loving ya granny!

Turtle Guy said...

I live not far from the house I first knew. The walk from there to the play park was about two and a half blocks. By the time I was 4 or 5 I was allowed to trundle over by myself. There was only one street to cross and it led to a crescent. My Mom or Dad would come over to the park at meal time to let me know it was time to come in. That, or they'd send my sister. (as they became older and wiser, perhaps?!)

We moved districts when I was 10. The park - all of a sudden was right in front of the house. Strangely, the fear factor rose for my Mom. I was riding a bike now and had calculated that it was 1/10 of a kilometre around the park. I'd do my best to ride the full kilometre. She was OK with me riding up and down in front of the house and around one side. However, for the first two weeks we were in the new house, if she saw me venture along the "street" side of the park, she'd be on the front porch IMMEDIATELY to let me know that was unacceptable procedure! (car meets bike... she must have known something I didn't about the possible outcome!)

My Mom is 81 this year - still worries about me - is that love or just motherly instinct?

Of course "worries" might be a bit strong - but perhaps it's the same emotion your friends feel for you, yes?