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Friday, December 02, 2005

New visitors

Here is Vicki from Florida who likes lizards.

and here is granny number three (and counting) from the Canary Islands although possibly originally from the U.K. I'll have to read further on her blog. She signed in on the comments as granny p. and has two blogs listed under her profile.

Maybe Andrea will add them to the blog roll for me at some point. The list keeps growing.

Have to get kids off to school. (Two of them anyway) If you look at Rebecca's snapshots from last night, you will see the forerunner of illness. Elcie came home early from school yesterday and is okay today so we hope it's the 24 hours variety.

More later - I'm trying to establish my brand new tradition of introducing everyone to each other.

Of course we have other "grannies" (hi - worried American) but all of us have "granny" as part of our on line persona.


grannyfiddler said...

looks like you're becoming the granny connection.... love your sweater story on madcap... i have a few things i should have kept, just to remind me never to try them again.

Granny said...

Hi grannyfiddler

It's fun connecting people with people.

Now my needlework is confined to edgings, table runners, and doilies that I can't mess up.