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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rebecca, part of Rochelle, and the Queen of the House

I'll try again tomorrow but they're both such good pictures of Rebecca I decided to put them on. She's half asleep, having fought her way through 4 pages of Distributive Properties. We started as soon as they returned from Harry Potter at 7:00 and called it quits at 9:00 (bedtime) with one problem unfinished.

I have discovered the new multiplication. It takes at least 6 separate operations and half a page of paper to multiply 7 X 30. ??? I did them all in my head and we worked backward from the solution until we figured out what they were trying to tell us.

I wouldn't mind it so much if anyone would explain how this will be helpful later in life.

The four legged creature is named Spunky and she runs the house. She's about 6 or 7 now. She came wandering in as a kitten and decided she lived here. Right now, she's sleeping on my pillow. She looks black and white in the photo but she's a lovely shade of grey and white. Small, but healthy. Good kitty except where chicken is concerned and then she cannot be trusted.

I just went over and took a picture. If it comes out and the bed isn't too wrecked from kids crawling all over it, I'll stick it on here. Otherwise I'll try tomorrow.

I didn't realize today was Aids Awareness day when I was talking about my poster earlier. I hadn't turned on the t.v. (too busy) or really checked on email for the same reason. I think I was so close to it in San Francisco that I don't need a special day to remind me. However, I'm grateful that we're still paying attention. A lot has been done in the last 20 years but it's still an epidemic and a worldwide tragedy.

I can't remember whether I said it here or in a personal email but Jim & Tim's dad first became terminally ill about the same time that people began dying of the mysterious illness which eventually became known as AIDS. If I did, it was some time ago and maybe repeating myself won't be so bad.

I was much more active in AA than I am now and I began attending a "gay" AA meeting close to our home. I will never forget their love and compassion as they were trying to deal with the tragedy surrounding them. They carried me and the boys through five years. One of my dearest friends and his partner (the ones who went to the ball game with us) slept on my kitchen floor the last two nights of my husband's life. They were with us constantly. I owe them more than I can ever repay.

In that time, I watched many of my dear friends become ill and too many die. It's better now but not good enough. It won't be enough until the last trace of this loathsome virus is wiped from the face of the earth.

This started out as a cheerful little squib about Rebecca, Harry Potter, and once again the bizarre educational system I sidetrack easily.

They loved Harry Potter and told me it was sad. I'm waiting for the dvd so I'm not allowing them to tell me about it. I read the book some time ago but I don't remember that much so it will be new to me when I finally see it.

Tomorrow a rainy vigil, Saturday the Santa parade and the Gay Men's Chorus in Modesto.

Good night all
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Worried said...

Yellow=good. aqua=good. Format and photos=good. (maybe a bit more practise on the camera, but moving photos to blog=good). You go, granny!!

A rainy eve vigil so soon after your month long URI?? You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

I relate to the bathroom bit.Long time ago, but I remember. Now it's just Jeannie and Cat who do it. When Jeannie comes to visit she'll plop across my bed and attempt to carry on conversation. Cat mews and sticks her paws under the door.

Am so glad your boy is hurting at HOME. Every news report of another casualty, bombing, or whatever is a source of anxiety until the next email or IM comes in from Gene and we know he's ok.

I cannot imagine the thought processes of the cretins who dream up new ways to complicate plain ole arithmetic.

granny p said...

Glad to find another Granny. Watching friends die of AIDS not good for sure; think it was something people your side of the pond suffered more - one is enough though.

Mother Damnable said...

Hi Worried American And Granny P, best wishes to Gene.

Do you know I'm sure I've seen a Queen Charlottes on the south bank, a hospital for women, I'll have to hunt it back up again.

Have a lovely time on Sunday.

Gawdessness said...

Your posts are such a wonderful mix of all bits of life and sometimes death.
You give such real and human faces to people I will likely never know.
Thank you for that.

You are right, she does look a little worn out in that picture.
I'm referencing your post after this.

Granny said...

Worried American - get back to you on line

granny p - welcome - I introduced you in last post and I see you
and my friend, mother damnable, (hi there again) know each other. Free free to chat over here - I do it all the time on other people's blogs when I spot someone I know. This way I can eavesdrop.

Good morning Gawdessness - It might be simpler to send you an email but I'm answering you in reverse order, one at a time.

grannyfiddler said...

your blog is a bit like coming home... all my kids are gone, and none very near. i live very alone, and hate it. So i'm not there much. it warms my heart to get a peep at a house full of kids and life.

i'm posting as grannyfiddler now to help sort out the granny jumble. we're like a ball of odd scraps of wool. all different sizes and textures and colors, but all down-to-earth and wholesome in our various ways. no two the same. y'all make me proud to be a granny.

on AIDS - i heard/read somewhere recently that there's a new treatment using injections of silver, which is working well. it could be the miracle we've been waiting for. i believe in miracles. ....and heard a bit on CBC radio a while back about women in African countries who are organizing Miss HIV contests! you have to be positive (in all meanings of the word) to enter, and the winners -these strong, passionate, beautiful women, spend their time promoting, educating, and encouraging healthy lifestyles and dignity, and refuse to be stigmatized. Go, girls!