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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Now you know all my dirty little secrets

You can't see the lizards perched on top. The things covering up the Renoir on the screen are icons - one for each of you plus some other things.

The stickers were all placed there by the girls - most part of an anti-drug campaign at the school. I now have a cup of coffee sitting on the potato chip lid.

I told Mother Damnable I'd try for a snapshot of my "Until There's A Cure" poster from Candlestick Park, August 1995. Only time I can remember crying at a baseball game. It was the first and they've done it ever since. Tim, several friends (one or two HIV positive), and I went. It was happy and sad at the same time. I think the Giants won but that wasn't the main reason we were all there. I first met one of the guys in the very early eighties. He's still doing well more than 20 years later so there is hope.

Right now the poster is too high on my wall to photograph unless I climb on something. But it is there and I'll probably never take it down.

Now I'll go check the mail.
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Andrea said...

One of my dads friends died from AIDS a few years back. Dad never let us visit him in the hospital when he was in his last days. We were in our young teens. A few years ago I asked why?
He said that he wanted us to remember him the way he was when he was healthy. Full of life and love. At the end he was just a shell.
AIDS is so big it has touched everyone in one way or the other, those that claim it hasnt just refuse to see.

vicki said...

Lizards? I like lizards! We have a dead one perched on top of our fake Christmas tree in our little Florida getaway. This is just our first year with a Florida house but we thought it was important to jump in tacky with both feet. :-)

Hi! I'll definitely be back.

Mother Damnable said...

Andrea, I agree with you Dad and am glad he protected you.

(((((Granny Ann)))))*

Is that a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle I spy on your 'puter?

*big hugs

Gawdessness said...

My daughter loves tmnt (teenage mutant ninja turtle) hence her blog name of Turtle Girl.

Loved seeing you workspace it is the same and different than mine.
Obviously we both have busy minds!

Granny said...

Andrea and Mother Damnable - yes, sometimes it's better to remember people as they were; especially where kids are involved and I have done the same thing in some cases.

My youngest (Tim) had to go through every day of his dad's five year battle and it was so hard. My husband was at home until almost the end (hospital bed in living room, visiting nurses, and an excellent hospice at home setup courtesy of Kaiser) but it was awful for Tim who was 10 when his dad first became ill, 15 when he died. Jim was overseas with Army (Frankfort and Berlin, Germany and then Johnston Atoll which was difficult for him in a different way. It's never easy. He did make it home just in time to say goodbye.

To all with respect to reptiles and amphibians. I think what you may have seen in that blurry picture are the rubber lizards gracing the top of the computer. One Australian frilled, one gecko (I think), and one nameless thing which may be a Kimodo dragon (scaled down). He has spines down his back and under his chin and a very angry look. The gecko looks happy.

I've had Gizmo, the frilled lizard, for almost 30 years now. He guarded my ancient computer when I was working, moved with me when I retired, and is now back in his place of honor. One of the girls, probably Rochelle, dressed him in a red t-shirt with CRAYOLA across the front.

If I have a TMNT here, it's disappeared into the general clutter. I should add one. Maybe as wall paper on the desktop.

Onward to next group of comments (stll working backwards).