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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Obviously I have a lot to learn

This is why they never let me go near a camera.

Another to follow
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ipodmomma said...

yee-hee!!! now I get to see life at your casa... :)))

we have a little digital that J uses as her webcam... she loves it...

shoot on, shoot on!!!

Mary P. said...

Sweet face. She looks tired, though. Is she, or is that just her "camera face"?

Be grateful you're blogging now that blogger has added their easy picture icon. Before that you had to go through a multi-step process using another photo site and linking. I never did get the hang of it. This, I LOVE!

Gawdessness said...

Just another reminder to me that all children all beautiful!

Granny said...

Hi you three!! I emailed you earlier (much earlier here) Mary P. Rebecca is indeed poorly today and is flopped on the living room couch feeling sorry for herself.

Elcie came home from school yesterday with same complaint but is fine this morning. School says it's a small epidemic.

I can always spot it coming on with Rebecca and usually with Elcie. Those eyes are a dead giveaway.

I still have to solve the multi-photo on same blog problem with Picasa2. It worked once for me and then never again.