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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Elizabeth Green is here

Hi Elizabeth - glad you took the hint. Your comments are popping up one by one on my mailbox but they take a few minutes to get over here. I'll answer them over at JulianB.


Mike said...

Granny. I am glad you stopped by! Things are doing great, and Gavin is awesome.

Sheri said...

Hi Granny, thanks for your comments! I have read your comments on Andrea's but don't get to comment much (it's so hard for me to stay awake long enough at night to blog!).
You said you don't know much about me, I'm another Canadian girl? living in Japan only unlike Andrea, I'm probably here more permanently as hub is Japanese. Been here off and on for about 6 years. Nice to meet you!
How do you keep up with 2 blogs?

Turtle Guy said...

Read your last couple entires - wonderful how FOOD just seems to go around the blog-o-sphere. If it isn't FRUITCAKE from England, it's by way of written word from Blog-land! Wonderful!

Eat well and be blessed.