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Friday, January 13, 2006

For starters, "wo-mo" isn't - she's mo-wo. I should have turned this machine off sooner. First Ann Arbor and then messing up a name. Sorry.

If my mouse starts behaving, I'll go in and correct the post. I have to buy batteries. I hate the idea of going back to a cord but this thing does eat up the AA's. Maybe a charger would be a good investment.

Roger said only here would quick wrap-up consist of 10 paragraphs. He was too kind to add that wasn't the wrap-up after all.

I'll post my mom's biscuit recipe later. It's a very good one but I want to make sure of the proportions. I cheat with self-rising flour - hers doesn't. And she sifted everything. I don't think anyone does that much anymore.

No, I didn't wash the wall after all, but was still unable to sleep. Maybe I should have because I lay down for 30 minutes this afternoon and woke up at 1:00 a.m. Days and nights turned around once again. Dinner was done (except for the biscuits, darn it).

BTW, I warned madcap. For anyone who might not know, never wash one little spot on a wall - EVER. And never take down a picture.

I'm just killing a few minutes before rousting Elcie. Today is Friday the 13th but I'm not superstitious. Nothing out of the ordinary could possibly happen could it?

Be back later with a functioning mouse.


Sharon said...

Hi Granny,

Rechargable batteries are a good investment, Ray has some for his camera.

Andrea said...

it is 3:30 in the morning here and hub just got home from work and kidlet WONT sleep.
I agree never wash a spot on the wall.