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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just a quick wrap-up

I'm sure the two-toned eyes are a lighting trick but they are eerie. Spunky in plastic bag. Very stange cat. Good news about our chimney sweep boarding cat, Sid. The guaranteed no-kill shelter is accepting cats once again and we took Sid yesterday. He's a beautiful and gentle kitty. Intelligent too except for his resistance to potty training. I'm almost sure he'll find a loving home.

We can take the kittens on Saturday. I've almost been talked into keeping the little one with the harlequin face - one side gray, the other black. He's male so altering will be less expensive and maybe I can hang onto him. If not, I already have a tentative offer of a home for him.

I checked the scholarship count on Sweet Juniper before I started this. 122 comments; some duplication and some from Dutch but even with that he must be looking at $200. or more out of his checking account. Thanks to all of you who commented. I noticed there were several. Dutch may be ready to wring my neck. I wonder if he anticipated the flood of names worldwide who chimed in. He and Wood have a devoted following but many were people I'd never seen before. I bet I'm not the only blogger to have spread the word.

We've had a good, normal day which doesn't make for interesting writing. I've been busy but nothing out of ordinary. Carol's chemo has been switched from 3 days every two weeks with an infusion machine she had to wear 12 hours a day for two of the days to one day of chemo and the rest done orally. No more machine.

Rebecca had less homework than usual which means she accompished more in class. Good show, Rebecca.

I spent most of the day reorganizing the infamous closet and all the dresser drawers. It doesn't look a lot better but I know the difference and I now have drawer space for my two articles of clothing. (Exaggeration but not by much.) Usually it's sweats and sweatshirts and I alternate between the one on my body and the one in the wash.

I haven't forgotten beckster's new recipes and I'll get at least one of them over here soon.

Uncle Roger's lovely wife Rachel added a comment today for the first time. Now I know she's not a figment of Roger's imagination. She's a very busy elementary schoolteacher with two young children. Thanks, Rachel, for taking the time and for leaving your own comment over at Sweet Juniper.

Just walked out into the kitchen. Big mistake. I found an empty coffeepot (turned off fortunately) and dishes in the sink. I started the coffee but I'd better do those dishes. I hate waking up to them in the morning even when it's just a few.

I'll get back to all the comments tonight or tomorrow. It's a little late so we'll see. Posted by Picasa


Alice said...

Just wanted to comment quick while I take a five minute break for a drink:
Well done Rebecca! I remember how long winded, confusing and frustrating school could be, and the fact that she's making progress reflects how hard she must be trying.

I love the picture of Spunky in the bag.
Simba once jumped into my school bag when he was a kitten. I didn't notice him and walked all the way to school in the pouring rain. You can imagine the comotion caused when I opened it up to get my pencil case and found a bruised, damp, upset kitten inside!

Got a day off, though, because after walking all the way home again (again in the pouring rain) my dad refused to let me walk back until he was certain neither the cat or me would die from a deadly case of flu.
...A bit overprotective, my dad.

Gawdessness said...

An ordinary day does make for an interesting post. Especially when you realize that your ordinary day is very different from mine!

Liked hearing about all the cats. If my husband weren't desperately allergic to them we would have them, I like them very much.

Uncle Roger said...

Only here could a "quick wrap-up" comprise ten paragraphs. 8^)

Could imagine what trouble would be unleashed if I could convince Rachel to start her own journal?