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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Supreme Court nomination

I've been wearing my other hat (the political one) much of today. I've been in touch with most of the political bloggers (the little guys and gals) I know asking for help shooting down the Alito nomination. Judiciary hearings begin tomorrow. Republicans hold the majority of course, but at least one or two are approachable. Even if he is confirmed by the committee, we wouldn't need to pick up too many votes in the full Senate to defeat him.

I hadn't thought he was too much worse than any of the other appointees until news began trickling out concerning his feelings about Presidential powers. You've all read about the domestic spying issue. Judge Alito seems to think that the President holds almost unlimited power to do what he wants in a time of war and, to this President, the war is unending. So then, are his unlimited powers.

I try to leave much of my political activism over on "is america burning" but this is coming up quickly and I'd like to get the word out to my fellow Americans as quickly as possible.

If you agree with me, here's what we can do.

If you live in a "blue" state, your Senators could use your support. Phone calls and letters help.

If you live in a "red" state, your Senator may still be approachable. Many Republicans are decent, honest people who want to do the right thing as they see it. If they can be convinced that Judge Alito is not the right person to be entrusted with the type of power the Supreme Court can wield, we may have a chance. The Senate is split 45 (D) 55 (R) plus the Vice President. 100 votes. We would need 51 to avoid a tie. If the Democrats remain united and we pick up 6 Republican votes, we'll have it. (All that time doing math homework with Rebecca was good for something). Letters to the media will help as well.

The Judiciary Committee list is posted on isamericaburning along with the hearing date. If you're interested, there's much more information posted over there.

Personal letters from individuals carry more weight than the bulk mail generated by organizations although both help. Both my Senators have web sites with forms for email and I'm sure yours does as well. It's very simple.

To my friends outside the USA. This isn't entirely a local issue. What affects the USA affects everyone. I was talking to one of my several Canadian friends today and said I miss the days when we could casually travel across the border to visit. When did Canada become the enemy? Our neighbors to the north are one of our oldest friends and most trusted allies.

We are already close to losing our system of checks and balances along with many of our Constitutional rights. A biased Supreme Court will tip the scales even further.

Taking off my political hat for a while now. I'll try to get back later sounding a little more like granny.

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Andrea said...

you write very different with this hat on.