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Thursday, February 09, 2006

An absolutely uneventul day - almost

I didn't even help with homework. They did it all themselves.

Rochelle got in a squabble with one of her friends. The girl taped Rochelle's mouth, Rochelle hit her on the arm, the girl hit her back, Rochelle aimed for the arm, the girl ducked and has a bloody lip to show for it. I didn't say much; usually it's better to let them sort it out. Rochelle wrote a letter (on her own) saying she was sorry, did she still want to be friends? Then she wrote yes on one line, no on the next with a line on each for the answer. She got a no but I bet that will change by tomorrow.

I did mention one more time she shouldn't hit but I think it started out as playing. And I said don't let anyone tape her mouth - ever.

My older son is moving tomorrow; just down the street and around the corner. The owner suddenly decided he wanted to sell the house. Always something. Tim is in Bakersfield visiting; he'll be back Friday I think or maybe tomorrow. They were going to drive down to Los Angeles while he was there. I'm not sure why but Tim said something about Hollywood Boulevard and Santa Monica.

We have a new visitor with a rather new blog. bridgermama lives in Portland, OR with her husband and adorable little boy. I still have room on the blogroll.

I did run across one or two new memes today. One is easy - just post a picture of something growing in your yard or garden. I asked if dandelions and crab grass counted. Meant to get a picture today but forgot. Our soil grows mint nicely but nothing else. I'd do better painting the whole thing green. I can't remember the other one but it involves answering questions.

No cats on the bed at the moment. I'll probably have two of them by morning if they don't decide to spend the night in the dryer. I think I closed the door but I'll check before I turn in.

Rebecca hand painted valentines tonight. She's planning to give one to her teacher with the word friends misspelled. It's a hard word. L. posted about it just the other day. I hope the teacher is tactful and just says thank you. I think she can spell it; she just got mixed up with all the painting.

I'm yawning and it's late. Talk to you all tomorrow I hope.


ipodmomma said...

have a good sleep!

those little notes, with the yes and no option... oh wow... that brings back memories...

Alice said...

I was reading through (you know, as you do) and when I saw the word "taped", I did a double take, reread, and then assumed it was a typo and you actually meant "tapped", before carrying on and realising that, no, actually, you didn't.

...Kids are so strange...

Loving the picture of the cats, by the way. Squealer and Suzie, who have a sometimes very shaky "I-Don't-Like-You-But-I'll-Put-Up-With-You" arrangement with one another, are usually to be found curled up at opposite ends of my mother's bed, but occasionally you'll see them sleeping side by side, not bundled up together in a mass of black and white and tortoiseshell fur, but just close enough to be almost touching.

Ah, Cats.
Quirky, individual, mysterious, gorgeous, infuriating, loveable, adorable, amazing - and total pains in the arse, the lot of them.

Nerdine said...

I think I made a couple of those notes too. Can't remember if anyone answered them - so I supposed the quarrel was forgotten before they'd read through the letter..
Kids are strange..
As are cats! Thank's for your comment on my mom's blog..

Lavender Dawn said...

Kids take things so seriously! I remember being very very serious about stuff when I was a kid (has that changed?)
Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello!


mreddie said...

Sounds like you had a very exciting day - just another adventure in the saga of raising kids. The young ones get over offenses easily, but if the parents get involved it takes much longer. ec

dragonfly183 said...

This story reminds me of mouses first fight with one of her girlfriends. She was 5 and we were living in a town house and looking for the property we currently live on. I was still working from home.

Mouse came stomping in with a mad look on her face.
"Ashlan is not my friend anymore!!" she said.
"What happened?"
"She kept saying if I didn't play what she wanted to play she was going to go home. So I told her she could just go home then. And she actually went home!!" Mouse and the other little girl were 4

dragonfly183 said...

Opps, got the ages mixed up, lol. I'm pretty sure they were both 4. Mouses first day of kindergarten was the same day construction began on our new property.

McGlee Historical Preservation Society said...

Tell Rebecca she should always be a friEND to the END. Given that, I never (well, hardly ever) misspell that word.

Ruben said...

Hi friend!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and feel free to come back.

Lindsay Lobe said...

I can remember as a young child wrestling with my friend next door who was much older and stronger.I dont think that happens much today.

It stood me in good stead at school, for while I did not pick any fights, I was often confronted on my way home by a older bully boy (we waked to school in those days) so I elected to finally stand my ground one day and wrestled him to the ground.

Best wishes

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I posted some pics of our Madera country side on my blog yesterday, and today wrote about a fight my daughter had at school yesterday. She's still a little shaky today, or maybe it's the flu again.

Sometimes kids just fight, especially pre-teens, and teens.

I use to have trouble spelling too, and friends is easy if she can remember it starts with fri and ends with end. Will you be my fri end?


Andrea said...

wow lots of new commenters there. You were busy in the blogasphere!

And same as Alice, totally thought your ment tapped. HELL YA!! No one is ever allowed to tape your mouth shut. Even a friend.

To this day when I spell friend I have to sound out
free end
or I spell it wrong. lol

blog roll updating in about an hour.

Anonymous said...

you forgot my meme. 4 lies and a truth. you don't have to of course, i was just mentioning.
okay some girl "taped" rochelles mouth? what does that mean. like as in put scotch tape on her mouth?

Norene said...

your account of your day reads as a rich experience. i wonder if it felt rich at the time, or if it just felt like life...

DA said...

Hi Granny,

When kids start doing homework by themselves all of a sudden there's normally more to it :-)

Hope you slept well..

caroline said...

I DO hope Ray is OK. My thoughts are with him - and you. XX