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Friday, February 10, 2006

It's Always Something

Blogger was down from 9:00 PST and I was exhausted so I was in bed by 10:00.

Ray went back to the hospital (not Modesto - at least not yet) yesterday afternoon. He's been having bad headaches and when he couldn't get through on the phone to make an appointment, he went over to the clinic who sent him to the emergency room.

I talked to him and he sounded okay. They think it may be a reaction to the new medication but they're running tests. I haven't heard anything since around 7:00 last night. The headaches are something new. He's had a lot of health problems but that hasn't been one of them.

So - I'm waiting one more time.

I let the little girls go roller skating last night. Rebecca's homework wasn't quite finished but at that point I didn't care. She brought her math grade up to barely passing and her attitude card from orange to yellow. She's doing much better, for Rebecca that is.

They both came home with new bruises but they had a good time. It's a fundraiser for the school and they don't go every month. Their mom went along - she skates.

My older son Jim moved yesterday about four blocks from where he had been. His landlord sold the house out from under them. He's out in the boonies a little; just outside the city limits and city school district. I'll have to check though - this move may have put him back in Merced. It's a slightly smaller house but I like the layout better and the double garage has been finished off with linoleum, cable, etc. and will be the den and extra bedroom. They lose a small dining area on one half of their living room but they gain a bedroom and their kitchen faces the street. I would love that of course. That's what I have only her window over the sink is a bay.

Hi Dmitri. I just saw you pop up on the bottom of the screen.

I think division was the great turnaround for Rebecca. I told her when she started that division was much easier than multiplication but she had to know something about one to do the other. She didn't believe me then and we had some tears and foot stomping but once she got it, she really got it.

I received three different hints on how to remember the spelling of friend - all useful. I before e works with it but it's not a great rule. Too many exceptions. One of their (there's another e before i) teachers is named Keith. Some of this we just have to memorize.

There are probably languages much more difficult than written English but I admire anyone who has learned ESL So many words sound alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings. I can use "there, their, and they're" all in the same sentence as well as "to, two, too". How does anyone ever keep them all straight. And don't get me started on anything that ends with "ough".

I've always been able to spell but I don't think it has much to do with intelligence. I just spell. Some of it was our educational methods back then. A lot of drilling and spelling bees, etc. Now they focus more on writing, organizing thoughts, and let spelling take care of itself. Rebecca can't compose a three paragraph essay without drawing a graph first. It has overlapping ovals and lines going every which way.

Anyhow, if you think you spot a spelling error, chances are it's a typo. I get in much too big a hurry.

My alarm just went off - 6:00 a.m. I woke up at 5:00. Time to get Elcie up. Usually she's up by 5:00 on her own but not today. I have to have her in front of the house waiting for her bus by 7:00 so I'd better get on it.

I've read all the comments and answered some. I'll check back later to see if there's anything I didn't cover and I'll let you know what's happening this time with hubby.


Beth said...

Did you know: there is a collection of early Dr. Seuss writings called "Tough Coughs as He Ploughs the Dough."

English is spelling is a disaster.

Beth said...

And...thanks for the hint about Bloglines. It toook a while to get it all set up, but I did!

ipodmomma said...

keeping you Ray and you all in pryaer...

J had trouble with long division, but finally seems to have gotten it down. she's the worst for times tables too...

Uncle Roger said...

Best wishes to Ray... btw, if he's a stargate fan and is going to miss it, I've taken to recording it on Friday nights; I could send it along if he likes.

I before E except after C ***or when it sounds like A*** -- Th-ay-r = ei; Fr-eh-nd = ie, etc.

Alice said...

I just logged in to check whether you had updated and was confonted with Ray being ill again - Ann, I'm so sorry. I hope he's ok. From what you told me the Dr.s don't seem to be too panicked about it; just taking precautions, I think.

I'm rubbish at spelling. I do try. I even took an online course to help me, and it taught me how to spell one or two words ('leisure' was one of them), but that was about it.
I rely heavily on Spell Check. I know I shouldn't, but I do.

Keep me posted on how things are going.

Well done to Rebecca for conquering division. And well done to all for the fundraiser.

Love and hugs to you xxx

EmmaSometimes said...

hello again. Sorry for not getting over here sooner. I have been busy with new people coming by. Suz keeps me really busy..hehe and Im down with the crud, too so blogging has been sporatic. :o)
Just hoping you have a super day and I am keeping you in my prayers!

Andie D. said...

Please keep us updated on Ray. I'll be thinking about you both.

I've taken to writing my posts in Word, and then publishing to the blog. If you have Word on your PC, you can download something from Blogger that will allow you to post from there. Helps me with my spelling, double words, etc.

Mother Damnable said...

I'm burning a candle for Ray and sending best wishes to you both.

Spelling? With an English education?

Did you see that report that says if the first and last letters are correct people can read what's written?

Lkie tihs ahltugoh it semes lkie hrad wrok!

I love reading old books that were written before standard spelling was introduced.

Love to you all

Angel said...

((((Granny))))) Still praying for Ray. Hang in there dear!

G-Man said...

You have a nice (overused word, I know) blog and I plan on coming back. I hope all goes well for your husband. My family has had similar worries in the past several months, but, thankfully, each day offers a new smile and a few laughs.

Andrea said...

I hope that it is just a headache.
Love you all.

Anonymous said...

just thinkin of you, and wondering about Ray.

JBlue said...

Wishing Ray (and all of you) well.