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Monday, February 20, 2006

Another new friend and another recipe - corrected

And another day I made the mistake of "resting" for an hour which turned into almost five. At least no alarm to set for tomorrow - girls are off this week.

Days Like These lives in Southern California, around San Diego. She has an 18 year old daughter and a 15 month old son with an amazing variety of hair styles. Very like Rochelle - his own person even at that age. He's adorable and it's a lovely family. Welcome to another BB reader and commenter.

Gawdessness posted a recipe on Saturday but I didn't want to just write it out because a) it comes with a photo and b) Her instructions are half the fun. She has a unique style of describing her preparations. Squidge? Sometimes I'm relieved not to be physically sharing her kitchen as she attacks. I'm going to practice my newfound skill and try to link directly to her post. It's for Brazilian cheese balls and looks yummy. It's also gluten free I believe - tapioca flour?

All but Elcie made it to church this morning. She was sound asleep. I turned the light up in her room and rummaged in her closet looking for a sweater to wear and she never stirred. Her mom and my daughter were both here so I let her sleep. Maybe she can rest up over next week. I have to remember that she puts in a lot of work to get through each day (not even considering homework) and she probably is worn out some of the time. It may be that simple but I still don't want her to isolate too much. Her grandma Carol took her to a movie this afternoon - something about snow dogs, can't remember the name but it's new. She told me she cried in the theater and I said that's okay, so does everyone. Including me sometimes. Elcie adores movies she gets to cry through. She's memorized Titanic and Fly Away Home.

The girls had their first lunch out for the month. Wendy's nuggets for one, cheeseburger for the other complete with french fries. 1/2 of their monthly allotment. We brought a care package home to Elcie.

Alice in London (update - I did it again. Alice is from Kidderminster in Worcestershire, a four hour drive from London). just popped up - I'll be back. I'm back. She and I are having a friendly discussion on the merits of Granny Smith (Alice) or Macintosh (Ann). As a former New Yorker, I think our "Macs" are the greatest. How about anyone else? Any favorites for either eating, cooking, or both? I like Fuji and Gala too but they're not red. I think apples should be red.

I digressed again. Our co-pastor took his talk from the Song of Solomon (as written, not as interpreted by those who don't want to believe it has anything to do with human love and intimacy). Ray told me afterward how impressed he was. High praise from my quiet husband. It was beautiful. A husband and wife read the scripture smiling at each other. Our pastor being the wonderful person he is (it was his turn to talk this week) referred to "committed relationships" throughout. I will miss them so much.

One more day without a major battle and the girls made a new friend who spent part of the day playing here while Elcie was at the movies. Nice little boy.

Ray feels better every day. He snuck out to the kitchen and did dishes earlier. He smiles more and more. I'm crossing my fingers but it looks like being able to breathe for a change is making the difference. I won't let him move the furniture or scrub down the ceiling but he's always been a partner with the house and the girls and it must make him feel better to be back doing a little more.

Take care everyone.


Alice said...

Um, hate to brwak this to you, Ann, but; I live in Kidderminster. Sorry!


Granny Smith's rule;
The other kinds drool.
So there!
*sticks out tongue defiantly*

...I just love mature and sophisticated discussions in the morning, don't you?

Alice said...

Ack! Ack! That would be 'break'.


Granny said...

I need to consult a map obviously.

typo? I typed franch instead of french on the post and you either didn't notice or were too polite to mention it. Don't look now - I already fixed it.

Andrea said...

I am so glad Ray is feeling a little more perky, that is wonderful!!

madcapmum said...

As a great believer in the quiet life, I'm all for a long lie-in on the weekends. Good for her, good for you. And good for Ray. I'm asthmatic, and just thinking about not having enough breath....

ipodmomma said...

no scrubbing teh ceiling? :)))

so glad! that makes such a difference...

Sp00kalot said...

Dont let Elcie see The March Of The Penguins, if she hasnt seen it already. Talk about crying. My word.

Wendy's nuggets are the best. But you can only have a squidge of them.

xx_chaineddown_xx said...

apples aren't really my thing i dig on peaches honestly. thank you for the comment you left for me on my blog. i wish you good luck raising your three grand-daughters.

DA said...

Good thing Ray is feeling better Ann. Best Wishes..

Angel said...

Was it Eight Below? My daughter has a free movie pass, she wants to see that.

I LOVE crying at movies. Moulin Rouge is a good tear-jerker (but probably too old for Elcie right now). An Affair To Remember is another good one.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Play your new tune for your hearts new found space
That spring in your words is a new bloggers new place
Feelings of pride hear a new tune for today
Songs of the mystic mountains are the songs you can play

And when those lonesome feeling come from out of the blue
The notes of your piano will be the notes of a kinder hue
Family and Ray gather to sing of the new home start
Major key is that key to warm your warm heart.

tAnYeTTa said...


I CRY watching the movie Beaches, even though I know how it's going to end, I still CRY. Awwwwww.........

Thank you for the shout out. I'm having a great time here on the blogsphere!