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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Eureka - Thank you and Merci - Hands Across the Border

Between Ms Sisyphys (sp?) and Mary P. it's worked. Mary showed me how to access the link in the first place and Ms S sent the html code which I had previously learned from yet another blogger but didn't know what to do with it here.

The link in the previous post will now take you directly to Mary P. and the mitten post.

Excelsior!!! The motto of my home state of New York. I think it means ONWARD!! I may beccome a blogger yet. Next - the sidebar.


MsSisyphus said...

It's also Stan Lee's catchphrase.

Happy to help. Glad you got it up and going! You can repay me by teaching me about photos sometime.

nancy said...

I will try to teach you anything I know. (not too much, but I am always learning)
I am good at the step by step computer stuff. I have taught my mom to add attachments to email, my co-workers to make excel charts etc. etc.
I should save the explanations I email and keep them as a help file :)

mreddie said...

My goal is to become a real live blogger myself one day - shoot for the moon, even if you only hit the wood pile. ec

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Congrats on learning something new on the computer!

I've had my blog--well my oldest blog is a a year and a half(I got four), and I'm still learning!

I recently learned how to conect a link to a word or a sentance in my posting! And two months ago I learned how to copy and post with the right click of my mouse and I don't know how I got along with out it. Then I found out my fourteen year old has known how to do that little trick for about four years now!


Janice said...

Sorry I ment copy and paste!

Angela said...

I'm glad that you figured out how to link to another entry- it's kinda tricky, but I was happy when I'd figured it out as well-

Just thought I'd stop by and say hi, 'cause I've been back to my old lurking ways!

Alice said...

Just popped in after a weekend that was supposed to be spent lounging around but ended up more tiring than being at work: great pitcures, relieved Ray is so much better, glad to hear you are beginning to recouperate, and congratulations on learning something new and impressive on the computer!

*Hugs* x

PS: I stand by my statement, Granny Smiths ARE best. ;-)

Granny said...

Except for the Macintosh of course.

Apples should be red - not pink, not green, RED

To anyone else who reads this, Alice and I are having a friendly discussion back and forth on our blogs on the merits of apples. Our contribution to world peace.

To be continued.

Bebe said...

The most beautiful NY apple is undoubtedly the Rome but it's not delicious unless cooked. A pink Gala with a red blush? Yes, please.
I had to comment on Excelsior which is indeed the NY State motto. When I was a child my Dad told me stories of upholstering furniture during WWII. They used stuffing made of sawdust, but called it Excelsior to make it sound grander. He'd always raise his arm, point his finger upward and sing out, Excelsior!