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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cat on a cold shingle roof

Her royal highness, the empress of all she surveys. The snap was taken through my laundry room window. I need to take a broom to those cobwebs. She loves that roof.


Lindsay Lobe said...

Cat lonely presence on Grands wooden roof
Remind me of days of my cat and my youth
Smokey grey kitten was for me my best mate
Al day my companion to play until late

Smokey could run like a dog not a cat
Smokey was as fast as a cat chases a rat

Stars her companion moonlight was her night
Morning when rested to the fields out of sight
Together we planned new adventures to find
Cowboys and Indians a game she didn’t mind

Smokey could run like a dog not a cat
Smokey was as fast as a cat after a rat

Andrea said...

ok my comment is not going to anywhere as elequant as Lindseys!!!

I just did catch up reading and things sound more or less in place.
i am so glad the oxygen came.
in my home town elderly and asmatic people used to have to listen to the pollution index on the radio every morning, now there is no report. we had to work at it but now we can breath!

JBlue said...

I have no poem to pay tribute to such a wonderful cat, but I will ask her name.

Granny said...

I emailed you julian but for anyone else, that's Spunky. The baby is Fidget.

Elizabeth Green said...

My aunt used to hae a cat that would get on the roof like that. They called him Accident. He would climb a tree and jump on the roof.