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Friday, February 17, 2006

Modern Art and other things

Rebecca brought me her outgrown favorite shirt earlier and asked me to take a picture of it. This is it. I picked it up at a yard sale a couple of years ago and she fell in love. No accounting for taste.

Blogger has been down (at least at my house) more than it's been up so it's been frustrating trying to do anything. Plus I had writer's block.

Cat photo - I took another look at my laundry room window. They sure looked like big cobwebs. They were guy wires from the antenna on the roof next door. I do have some cobwebs which I attack from time to time but I didn't remember ever letting them overtake the window like that.

Tasha cooked for us tonight. Chicken with a honey barbecue sauce. Yum. Paper plates and napkins - even better.

I'm gradually getting my act back together a little. This second hospital stay almost did me in and I wasn't the one who was ill. I begged off another activity today. A coalition group of progressives and conservationists was meeting with the "press" - that would be the local paper. I'm a member but not the leader of any of them. Numbers help but they're not essential and our leader does an impressive job of speaking for us. I stayed home, let Tasha's boyfriend Jonathan do the driving for the day, and generally flaked off except for essentials.

The girls are out of school for nine days of boredom. Rain is predicted for the entire weekend and it's turned chilly - at least for here. A couple of my on line friends, one in Montana and the other in Canada have reported 20 below zero (F). Funny, I read the Canada post first, did the conversion to Fahrenheit, couldn't believe my own calculations and looked it up. Yep, it was 20 below. When I saw Montana, I finally believed it. I'm sitting here with my blankie tucked up around my neck and they're saying Oh Good, it's snowing. Our temps dropped to the mid to high 40's (F of course, otherwise we'd be in bikinis) late this week.

Some day I'll go back and find the photo of my brother Jim and me up to our necks in a snowdrift. Oh well, no time like the present.

Forty five minutes later. Tick tock. Started rummaging through the albums looking for the snow picture. I found a couple, not the one I wanted. I did find some others as well and pulled out a few. I think I did this once before, put them in an envelope to scan and then misplaced the whole thing (or Rebecca got to it first). She's making her own albums - little thief.

Digression. I just walked into the front bathroom (Mary P will appreciate this if she drops by) and, on the theory of never make a trip emptyhanded, picked up one dirty sock and one pair of filthy, used to be red, mittens. I don't want to think about where those mittens had been. I picked them up with my thumb and one finger and deposited them in the washer.

Back to photos. It's early enough to fight with the scanner and Picasa and Blogger all in the same night. Eventually they'll all show up here. I had to look through a few albums to find the old photos. Naturally I forgot that in a fit of organization I had labeled them by date. The albums, I don't always remember to label the photos. Future generations will really appreciate me. Who the heck is that? I ran across some more pictures from the late 1800's. I know one is my grandmother and the other her sister but I would be guessing at which is which.

One album was full of photos of the girls at different stages. Another was my kids from birth on and several were my family (birth and adoptive). I finally remembered I was looking for snow pictures so I wiped my eyes, put the albums away for another time, and came back here.

I found one funny photo from Eureka, CA which I'll probably post just to see if anyone but me gets it. I'll get the snow photos on as well. They still tell the story of my Mohawk Valley home. No, I don't miss the snow. I don't dream of a White Christmas although I could live without our wet ones.

Ray is feeling much better all over. Two hospital stays at three days each would have bought a lot of home oxygen. He's all hooked up and has an auxiliary tank for travel. They've also given him medication and a fancy nebulizer to treat the bronchitis. He was laughing out loud today. I can't remember the last time I heard that. The little cat had done something that struck him funny. He's also talking. As you might have guessed, I'm still angry and sometime I'll post an entire rant about Ray's illness and the stupidity of bureaucrats.

We (Jonathan and Ray) took our t.v. (under service contract) back to Circuit City today for repair. I couldn't convince Ray that for that big a set they'd come here. They said "why didn't you just call, we would have come out?" Oh well, I bet they'll deliver it back. Meantime, he remembered we had an old (30 years or so) set stashed that works somewhat. Thanks heavens. Ray without television is a fearful sight. He paces, if not physically, then mentally. He caught up with his sci-fi shows tonight and tomorrow will probably watch the ones I taped for him last Friday. Backwards but he doesn't care. He'll probably watch the new ones again to have them back in proper order. I have no room to talk. You should see me when Comcast goes down.

This is getting long for someone who couldn't think of anything to write for the past two days. I'm going to see what happens if I try to post the Eureka photo to this and put the snow pictures on separately. Saving draft just in case.

P. S. Posted them all - dont' worry there are lots more where those came from. I'm giggling.


MsSisyphus said...

That's some funky shirt!

It's -14 without the windchill the morning. And the windchill is extreme. Esp. when you live on the top floor on a poorly insulated firetrap: My thermostat says it's 60 degrees in here, and the wind is hwling in the closed windows.

Nine days??? In a row??? That's cruel and unusual punishment!

Elizabeth Green said...

I can't go without cable, either. I'd be in withdrawal

Angel said...

I can't remember, do you sew? You could take her favorite tshirt and incorporate it into a quilt (you know, with all your free time lol).

So glad Ray is home and sounds like he's in a good mood.

Sorry that you have to rant about beaurocrats--that's the last thing you all need right now.