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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sacred Run photos

The bottom photo is too dark to see much but it's the group of Native Americans and friends in a circle with their drums singing. Rochelle and Rebecca are part of it. I can see them in the larger photo but not in this one. At least you can get the idea.

We had a great time.

More detail follows.


Mother Damnable said...

The food looks delicious, and the people look lovely, I am with them in spirit.

Thanks for the info Ann

madcapmum said...

What the heck? I've been checking your blog everyday, and nothing since last weekend, and then suddenly here's a week worth of posts! Something funny going on.

My best to Ray, and hopes for a quick complete recovery.

Andie D. said...

Granny, I don't know how you do it all. I'm exhausted from simply reading about everything you do! And you have time to blog on top of it!

I have a post planned for tonight where I will share some learned tips for streamlining the blogging experience. Otherwise, there is nooooo way I could even hope to keep up.

Hope Ray gets better soon. Maybe the head aches were a way for his body to tell him that he was going to need to rest? Not sure how that fits in with pneumonia either.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Joining in with the native Amercians sounds like a lot of fun and it's good to enjoy anothers culture.

Next weekend at our parish we welcome the "Message Stick". If You drew a circle of Austrlia you might find the centre in a town called Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

There's no town lIke Alice !! That's where this new message first originated in 1986.

Australians are being asked to consider the Aboriginal past and acknowledge their rightful place in our land.

Reconciliation is the message of the "Message Stick" as it is passed around Australia, just as it always has to unite all the tribes during their prior occupancy of 45,000 years.

I do trust Ray is recovering and your Tribe is all okay.

Best wishes

Sarah Elaine said...

Very cool!

Nice photos too.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I take it that was a pow bow?

We had one in Madera and I was invited to go from a native American my husband worked with named Danny. I could kick myself for not going, but I was bussy.


Norene said...

i've checked in a few times this week with your blog, but very hastily, and didn't quite get that ray was ill. i hope he back to his regular self soon. sounds like you've had a lot going on. i'm glad you had a nice time at the drum circle.

Granny said...

Janice - I'm not sure - I was in the kitchen through much of it. They were gathered in a circle singing with the drum. Most of the kids who were there participated as well. They were leari
ning some of the chants.

I think a pow wow (if it's a real word and not just something from the movies) is more like a conference or a meeting.

I'll check it out.