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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Qualifying for meme - updated again

On the right, the only thing that will grow in my yard (other than dandelions, a little clover, and crab grass). It's mint - lots of sweet smelling, good tasting mint. Complete with cat. On the left is the person who snuck my camera out to take the picture and then took a picture or her pretty self. Any time you see a hat on a head, you know you're looking at Rochelle. I may appoint her official photographer.

Note: The photos started out on the same line, one beside the other. They published one underneath the other. I think you can figure out what I meant.

I discovered where the flower meme came from. It was virushead - over there on the blog roll. She has some lovely photos. Evidently it's a different category of photo each week. I'll try to keep up and any of you who wish may join in.


Andrea said...

I dont have a yard so I think mint is great

VirusHead (Heidi) said...

Mint!!! I love mint!!! Have you made any tea with it yet?

The photo meme was from my friend Rosei. Here's the link. This week, it's anything to do with an office (in my case, my home office!).

Mother Damnable said...

What a pretty girl Rochelle is, clear skin, sweet smile and beautiful eyes, oh for those eyelashes Ann.

clever photographer too :>)

I grow mint in big pots or baskets as in the ground it does have a tendancy to take over. I have Spearmint, Eau de cologne mint and Chocolate mint (Yum!)

Granny said...


Not yet - good thought. Usually we just chew on it.

I'll check out the meme. In my case, my office is my computer desk
and the bookcase next to it. I've posted it before but once more
won't hurt.